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Cabbage and Peppers !


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Topic Created by Imslookingood in June of 2007:


We received a call from the turnpike to respond to a 150 gallon diesel spill at mm 274. Upon arrival this is what we found.








Johnson Wrecker Service worked this wreck.







IMS did photo documentation and covered the site after it was all said and done.



wm020494 said:

If that was an Open Roads Call they had their work cut out for them!! Looked like a good wreck to work.


Unknown Member said:

Clearing the road was the easy part and we are used to workin in the median but clean up was very entailed . I wish the original position and lane clearing was posted but MY hand are tied.


xcessiveforce52 said:

was the integrity of the unit so poor that you all just had to push it off the road????? just a question cause that is what it sounds like....


Byron Coleman said:

The unit was resting right side of trailer down and tractor upright facing south bound with trailer facing east ,trailer across median and southbound lanes tractor facing south in nb. left lane. Pulled the trailer from the rear towards the median while I sat in the median and pulled the tractor into median .Took longer to push off the crushed produce than move the unit.All outside wheels crushed from impact with bridge and all axles shifted on tractor.Fifth wheel plate and bulkhead of wagon including reefer pulled loose as well as all cross members for landing gear. Several feet of mangled doubled guardrail as well as lots of fuel soaked cabbage made for a real messy clean up.
Heavytowman12 said:
I have a question and a comment the question first. If that was what is called a RISK call. To get the bonus money do all pieces have to be removed in 90 minutes. Or do the travel lanes or a travel have to be open within the 90 minute time frame. The reason I ask is I went to seminar Friday where the speaker from what was called. The I95 Coalition was talking a little about the FL turnpike and mentioned your company Johnson's as one of the towers. He was not sure on the process for the bonus money.He also stated he thought the average time to cleanup a tractor trailer accident. Or something similar was 47 minutes. Sounded rather far fetched to me. Thought maybe you could give us some insight on average time to clean up a incident. Then to get the bonus money what is reguired . If you will if not I undersatnd. Now for the comment. Every job you guys have posted here Johnson's & IMS has been done in a professional manner. With quality equipment and personnel. Keep up the good work and stay safe!
imslookingood said:
To answer your question...You have 60 minutes to respond, You have 90 minutes to clear travel lanes. The Turnpike official is advised when your ready to start the clock. The average time with plenty of practice ,we have got it done to about 47 minutes....note...that means ....no one missing a beat .. to accomplish the job. Any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks
Heavytowman12 said:
60 minutes to respond then 90 minutes to get the travel lanes open. So at least the travel lanes must be open in 90 minutes. That's not bad the one hour response time is kind of odd. But good though.
Classic carnage, love them jobs !! Send in the landoll's and the dumps or rolloff's.
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