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My Century 612


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Topic Originally Created in May of 2012 by Fantonio247:



Century 612 with Dump truck



A freightliner classic


reckmaster1 said:

is that not a little much for the ole' 12 ton?


upNout said:

Ya have to love Tow411. LMAO
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InternationalStar said:
wow talk about having big balls i would never do that
Greenwich Towing said:
wow I put a F-550 on mine and I think im doing something.
Greenwich Towing
Steven R. Peterson
Silverhawk r53_1559570274.gif said:
I would like to say never, but that is the way we used to do it back in the 60's and 70's, when we were young and dumb and full of ?  Had a Studebaker with a 525 Holmes w/hydraulic brakes.  Would be put under the jail if we tried that these days.

I will say that I will never do it like that now.  Got wiser in my old age.  Safety is now job one, not the ability to get it done anyway we can. 

dragonwagonII said:

I have a 12 ton iv towed a dump truck from the front , either that dump is damn heavy or your rear springs are giving pretty easy . Mine is only 96 ca and it didnt go front lite as your truck would appear to be in the photo . I picked up an IHC which is a lighter truck .

That dump would be what , 18 to 20 K , 10 to 12 on the front axel .  Seems to me he is with in the ablity of a 12 ton but that photo looks like his rear springs are sure sagging .

Um the truck is empty i assume !


BalckAutoload said:

The pics are terrible... hard to see how you are hooked.
Chain thru tow hooks ?


morrisandsons said:

Please stop. Spend some time researching the way things are done and the true capability of your truck. What you are doing is unsafe, and you could really hurt yourself or someone else.


Acestowing said:

I'd guess that dump around 21K appears to be a steel box. Even on the sling that is too much weight for that truck, sure it will lift it but I know a single axle won't stop that kind of weight in any hurry at all. Let alone the steering ability.
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7
fantonio247 said:
thanks for all your comments, I'm in El Salvador, I just wanted to show my work.
timstruckservice said:
Noticing that things are done differently in other parts of the world, It appears that your Unit has Air Brakes and hopefully a Steel Tow Bar instead of a Sling ! Guessing this is the Largest Truck you have for Towing with ?
A Century 612 is a Nice Unit and Capable of alot of things, but Personally I would not Attempt to Tow something that Large / Heavy with our 12 Ton. Nice to see someone from El Salvador on here Posting .... Hopefully You will continue to Post more & take Constructive Criticism as a good thing - not as Bashing.
wreck85 said:
You got the job done i would presume you are tapped into the brakes or running a brake buddy , if not that was a white knuckle ride . I had an 897 on a topkick and the brakes and the pul power were the issue the truck would lift all day and not say no but the chassis was screaming.
fantonio247 said:
"upNout wrote:Ya have to love Tow411. LMAO"
you're so right.
"wreck85 wrote:You got the job done i would presume you are tapped into the brakes or running a brake buddy , if not that was a white knuckle ride . I had an 897 on a topkick and the brakes and the pul power were the issue the truck would lift all day and not say no but the chassis was screaming."
well, my truck it's the Topkick C7 I think, air brakes, all double frame, rt6610 tranny and turned up cat 3116, the power never was a issue, when I'm towing my top speed it's about 50 mph on 8th gear, and I really love the mpg of this truck.
Here is some recent towing.
Acestowing said:
We went to El Salvador to a resort 2 years ago, the roads and traffic system there are much different than ours, if I remember correctly there is minimal rules on the road? Our bus ride was 2 hours, speed really seemed to be enforced there but saftey of commercial vehicles was much different from ours.
I saw the rural fire stations too, very minimal equipment.
You have to do the job with what you have, I only saw single axle wreckers there, a lot of old holmes units. We went through a fatal accident where a garbage truck had rolled, with kids on board, it was a very sad thing to see.
Its nice to see towing from other parts of the world! What other equipment does your company run? Is that your biggest wrecker?
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7
Reds r53_1559570274.gif said:
Century 12 ton  translates to 24,000lbs. boom  looks to have a 12,000 steer(rating) on the dump the old Holmes truck bars the smaller ones were rated at what? 8000lbs lift 50,000 tow?? I think the big ones were 13,000 lift and 80,000 tow,  most likely 7/16ths wire rope cant tell in the dump photo for sure but in the second one it appears as lines are doubled. pretty sure everyone agrees that size of wrecker isn't going to pick that dump loaded. I think hes within the "ratings" of everything (and being from elsalvador..what ratings/laws-lol) Hook 'er up and let that dog eat!!! Heck air brakes on the wrecker unit that chassis isn't really and lighter or shorter than the old fords or chevys with the 600's on the back and guys towed stuff like that all day and everyday.
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