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What Makes Matjack the #1 Choice?

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What Makes Matjack the #1 Choice for the Rescue/Recovery Technician?


Can your airbag be slammed into place with a hammer when it counts?



Pics of a fully overloaded tanker lift.


I've actually done the job. Most of the time, a airbag does not simply get into the spot you need it.

Matjack bags, are so tuff you can place cribbing against the bag and slam away with a sledge hammer to get into position for a lift.

The other guys don't want you to see this, because they have nothing.......
5 year warranty
Give your dealer a call or call Scooby if you have any questions.... or need more pics.


Matjack, simply the best

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"If you don't have Matjack airbags, can your airbag be slammed into place with a sledge hammer?"
I'll answer that for you... no.


Matjack is Simply the Best, used by Rescue and Recovery folks that actually do the job.


I have inserted mine this way many times and they never let me Down !!

Most salesman are given a truck and some equipment and off they go. Most they have lifted is a car at a demo.


With Matjack there is no Better support team !!! John Sweezy Jr ,Howard Eagan (scooby), Dale McLaughlin, Jeff Martin, Bruce Allen everyone will help you at the drop of a hat !!!

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