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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in 2010: found this while searching. seemed interesting. surely they look to be newer IH chassis on the green units
  2. Scooby


    Those twin Hondas holding up Chuck? Look like the dam boats got more horsepower then your wrecker fleet!!! LMAO
  3. Topic Originally Created in March of 2011: We received this call. 5/0 wanted me to turn around, pic this baby up, and back it up 2.5 miles to the off-ramp. I told them that all I really need to do, was pick it up and put some tires back on and we can drive it off. They then asked me if I needed to call the local wrecker company and get a few more wreckers.. they'll close the roadway for I can get turned around. I choose not to disclose where this was at, it was a distance away from us. I tell this story only to cement my belief that sometimes the task at hand is so simple and require little effort with a very cheap investment. This has nothing to do with the local towing company not being able to handle this job, knowing them, I'm confident that they where very capable of handling this in a professional manner. My point is that sometimes other agencies, not knowing the logistics of our job, look at it as a big deal/event. We make ourselves as a profession/operators look better when we handle things with ease and w/o the fanfare.. sometimes with just a little air. wheels came off a coach bus, partially in slow lane.. somewhere in the Continental USA Little too much work for my prettyboy self to even thinking of picking this with a wrecker I think you all know where this is going..... lol One can turn their big horse around, and do all that work I guess, but to be honest, I'm charging the same as if u got your tator to do it...LOL Ron Pullen said: If I was not in Grand Jury the parade trucks would NOT have to turn around to do this job LOL Mattvt said: Is there anything YOU can't do with a Bag??? Scooby said: yeah.. grade tests.. print out and then mail certificates for courses...lol in a timely fashion..... SLovett said: Speaking of tests, do know when I'll be getting my results back from the O'hare class!!! Scooby said: see there's proof. they where all done and enveloped. I will check it out and get back with you I appreciate your patience