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Another safety meeting from 2003

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Topic Originally Created by 13thrattler in May of 2003:


In the morning, I am going to hold another safety meeting, before the busy weekend begins, and we get scattered all over the state.

I intend to re-cover the same topics.

Safety vest
Safety cones
Overhead lights
Operating controls from right side
Use e-brake and scotch blocks
Check fire ext.
Re-stock first aid kits
Backing up on shoulder
Keep you mind on the task at hand (look at the girls latter)

For the roll-backs

Always use proper tie down holes (furnished there by the factory for a reason.)
Two tie downs on rear (no exceptions)
Safety chains or straps on front (in case something happens to the winch)
Use mini-J, rocker, or T-hooks (don't need any torn C/V boots from J-hooks).

For the W/Ls

Check the condition of the tires on the ground
Use W/L straps
Use tow lights (if broke fix it now)


Move the vehicle off the road if possible
Jack and jack stand
Never let the customer help (if they could do it, we wouldn't be there)

Accident scene

Rubber gloves (aids and other things)
Watch out for all the lookers (accidents are people magnets)
Get the vehicle off the road first
Clean roadway, and other debris, only if police are in control of traffic
Check hook-up before leaving scene
Again--don't let people help.

OK folks------can you think of anything I should add to this list?



Freelance66 said:

From where you are at, drinking plenty of fluids (preferably cold). And maybe having cold water for teh customer that was stuck in 100+ for an hour. That helps with referals later too.......thumbs.gif


Wes Wilburn said:

wow that is a big list!... and all great points as well. just a suggestion to consider... maybe break those points down and try to mention them all, but then go in detail on some of them..

just a suggestion,



jrm698 said:

good listthumb.gif

keep it going!!!

here are a few

recovery's + flatbeds
- always stand ( and others stand) more than the length of wire rope away, incase it snaps
- never stand behind the car when winching it up the bedwhack.gif
- when on the side ofthe road, the customer must be in the truck w/ his seat belt on
- never operate the truck on the side of traffic
- when on the sceen of an incident always pull off to the side out of the way, talk to the officer, wait for the go ahead, then plan your attack, the hook up, check the no's, exicute.
WM 6/7B
Be Safe Out There


TowZone said:

A long time ago I used to do just that and advise the customer they could sit in the cab while the vehicle was being recovered. But, I stop that due to there being more incidents which could occur that would had they been standing off the roadway. In the past 10 years I have not left anyone alone in the cab for more then a minute, then I was right next to the door. Once you've had things stolen from your cab you'll understand my reasons.


13thrattler said: Nov. 2008

WOW, how did this one come back to life?


TowZone said:

Have the Safety Meetings continued? Have you checked your list and are you going to check it twice.

Do you know who has been naughty and who has been in compliance?


13thrattler said:

Ron, as of 7 months ago, my partner and I parted company. I could not afford to buy out his side of the business (the salvage yard), so, I sold him all my older trucks (4), I kept the '05 F650, and I am now a crew of one. It is no fun preaching to yourself. However, my son wants me to get another truck, and do the father and son thing. I am still thinking about that.

But up until that time, Yes, I held safety meetings once a month. They sure got tired of me beating them into the ground with safety issues. But not a one of them had anything happen to them more serious than a paper cut. No accidents at all in 7 years, and only two insurance claims. And one of those insurance claims was my fault.






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