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Old Holmes pamphlet


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06-18-06: Michael McGovern Wrote,

In the early 1970s, the Holmes Company put out a color sales pamphlet containing photos and descriptions of their complete line of wreckers, at the time Model 440 through 750 (or maybe 850). It was about 4x10 and, as I recall, had a green cover.
Thanks. Michael McGovern


Rod VT said:

Wes Wilburn should be your man on this....


Kim02 said:

If Wes doesn't have it I have 2. They are green 4" X 9" & picture model 220 thru 850 + 5th wheel attachment & some accessories. Very good condition. I would part with 1.


Michael McGovern said:

Kim, please look at the page on the Model 600. Does it show a split-boom recovery of a red truck-tractor with a long-haired kid in bell-bottom jeans at the controls? If yes, what is the date of publication of the pamphlet?
Thanks! Michael


Cotton said:

Don't tell me that long haired kid is you Mike. LOL


Kim02 said:

Mike, Yes it does, kid is giving the thumbs up. I don't see a date anywhere but publication # is 74-154 so I'm thinking 1974 ?


Michael McGovern said:

Thanks a bunch. That's what I needed to know. And, yes, I am the skinny long-haired kid in the photo. Actually, the "kid" that you see giving the thumbs up is my dad. I am the other one at the wrecker controls.


Rod VT said:

Kim, Can you take a picture of it and post it here (or email it to me and I'll put it up)? Now we all want to see it! Rod


TaDa! Mike can do the caption.....




Letsplay2 said:

That is awesome to hear Mike.... Nice pic - Devin


Chucks Towing said:

LOL I remenber them days. Today we wear flat tops and reg cut jeans as we get older. Be Safe Out There CHUCK


MNPOOL said:

How time fly's when your having fun !!
O the good old days !



That's pretty cool!!!Hawaii's only NRC 9240SR Sliding Rotator with five winches
Nationally Certified Crane Operator- NCCCO #050820973
"The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer!"


Michael McGovern said:

Well isn't that interesting. The old photo that I have in my possession is exactly the same recovery scene but it shows me and my dad in the opposite positions: me at the controls and him "directing" the recovery.

This recovery was staged at the request of the Ernest Holmes Company in 1973 or 1974 to get some photos of their Model 600 in split-boom action for the sales brochure. (Note the "Holmes tree"). Evidently, they took several different shots, and the one posted here, not the one that I have, is the one that wound up in the brochure.


Rod VT said:

I just got back in and have got this one ready now too!
The Switcharoo!




Gee, and it looked like you were really working this job until the true photographic evidence was revealed!

Now maybe is the time to fess up about how you finished the job Mike because judging by the angle, and the fact that we can see your shins, there is more (or less) to this than meets the eye....Rod


Michael McGovern said:

The tractor was an old abandoned wreck that we had in our yard. We towed it to the site and put it down in that hole. We winched it up and down for the photos. Obviously, the angle was not practical for the recovery and was only to demonstrate the split-boom capacity. After the photos were finished, we rolled the truck back down into the ravine, moved our truck up, then recovered the tractor the proper way.

And that, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story.

Those old photos bring back memories that I had long forgotten.


Ed Barker said:

Cedar Bluff towing???,,,is this company still in business???,,I thought I saw one of there trade ins a while back.


Da Wash Boss said:

WOW!!!!!!!!!! this was a very interesting and informative post. and if that same road was used today they would only be able to do that job with a rotator. that old is doing a fine job there. great photos and thank you for the history.
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT


Michael212 said:

That' Pretty Cool Mike. - Thanks for the long & Short of it


Sheridan said:

I have wondered for many years why Mike's clothes were so clean and his dad's clothes were rather dirty in these pictures


Cotton said:

LOL Mike. Of course you had to pull up because you are "at the end of your wire rope." The hook is up against the sheave.


Rod said:

Cotton, Maybe this enlargement will help a little.




I think it's doubled. It's not coming out as good here, but when I enlarged it on my computer you could see that the winch lines are covered in clumps of mud, which is what is giving them that "chain" look.


Da Wash Boss said:

David, your right we always got the job done but you do need to respect the beauties they build today for the same job. I can look at these old pics all day long and admire the trucks of yesteryear,,,,,,, the 70s and 80s....
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT


Cotton said:

The blow up helped. I stand corrected.


DragNTow said:

Mike, is that a pair of BELL BOTTOMS??? LOL. Just goes to show ya, don't judge a long haired kid in bell bottoms. HE MAY BE YOUR LAWYER SOMEDAY!!! Or worse, he may be the OTHER GUY'S lawyer!!!!! Stay well.
Happy Haulin....(and lawyering).....DragNTow


Eric Godard CA said:

Thanks for the great post !!! I to could look at the old photos for days and it's even better when there is a great story to go with them!!
Thanks again guys!!!!

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