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Loaded 40' seabox rollover

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Januarary 21, 2014
Approximate time: 1121
Weather conditions: Snowing heavily

Called by Lancaster County Wide Communications to respond to Glen Brook Rd, Leola for an overturned tractor and
trailer that was loaded with approximately 53,000 lbs of paper rolls.

Two heavy duty sliding rotators and the air bag response unit were immediately dispatched.

Our personnel arrived to find a tractor pulling a container trailer that had travelled off the roadway, into a field, and
rolled over. The load was still in the container. The tractor trailer was laying over center due to the level of the field.

Contact was made with Fire Department, HAZ-MAT, and Police officials. Both saddle tanks on the tractor had been
leaking, but the spill had been contained and stopped by the fire department. Contact was made with the property owner
who gave permission to place trucks in his field.

Both heavy duty sliding rotators were backed into the field to the high side of the container.  1/2" screw pin shackles and
oblong lifting rings were rigged into the pockets on the corners of the container. The air bag response unit was
positioned on the high side of the casualty and used as a dead man.  An auxiliary winch line was ran from one of the
heavy duty sliding rotators to the air bag response unit, and back to the steer axle of the casualty to spike it.  Using a
reverse roll technique, the two heavy duty sliding rotators worked together to bring up the casualty.

Once uprighted, all the rigging was broken down and the heavy duty sliding rotators were returned to their travel
positions. One of the heavy duty sliding rotators was hooked to the front of the casualty to tow it out of the field. The
driveshaft was removed, secondary attachments were installed, along with wireless towlights. The casualty was then
towed from the scene to Null's of Cochranville.











SITTOW said:

Lots of room to work nice job.
ILTowman said:
nice use of the auxiliary to pull the front axle of the tractor over
Newmans Towing tubeyellow.gif said:
Looking good!
RayRivera said:
Nice Job !!!
Chris77 said:
1/2" shackles or 1 1/2"?
Latta said:
1 1/2".... 672.gif
Welder said:
Why pull the drive shaft after it was up righted?
Was the shaft loaded and you couldn't release the load?
Nulls Towing said:
Good catch...that would be a typographical error. 
The shaft was pulled prior to the upright, you can see in the pics during the upright that the shaft is out.
Heavytowman12 said:
Any trouble getting your trucks out of the field once you were done
Nulls Towing said:
No, not something you would do any other time of the year.... but several weeks of temps below 30 degrees makes for some good fun off roadin in the rotator.
Niemans Towing tubeyellow.gif said:
Nice job!
Jerrys Road Service said:
Nice easy $
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
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