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I recently contacted TDLR for a renewal to my TDLR license. I have been doing more investigative and construction work recently as well as going to school over the last couple of years, and it has expired. TDLR wants 200.00 to renew the license. I have made it my conscious objective and desire to not hand over 200.00 to the state, who virtually and literally do absolutely zero in return for this money. I am currently taking classes in HVAC, and attempted to apply for an apprentice license. I am only required to pay 20.00 for an HVAC apprentice license. I do understand why people in the industry, in this state, continue to allow themselves to be bullied and extorted by the state. I can reapply for the TDLR towing operators license in June and will have to go through the process as a new applicant, but I still do not like the idea of paying a yearly extortion fee to the State of Texas.

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Is the $200 fee because your license lapsed?  I just renewed mine in Feb and it was $100 as usual.  I did notice some wording about increased fees if I was late but since I always try to get in ahead of time I didn't pay them much attention.


They stuck me for $100 extra a few years back when I still ran an IM license that I didn't really need.  Their website said I just needed 4 hours CE to renew, so I took the online course, paid my $100 to TDLR, and...no license?  Sat on hold with them to find out they insisted I needed an 8 hour classroom course to renew due to IM status.  I explained their website told me otherwise; they didn't care.  No courses available for weeks past my expiration date even if I did want to go through the trouble, making it a moot point anyway.  Asked that since I hadn't done any IM work in years and didn't plan to, could I just change my license to PP?  Sure, if you apply for a new license.  Another $100.  No refund (as stated on their site) for the previous fee paid.


Probably already told that story before but it bears repeating as these bureaucrats are only interested in the money.



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Honestly Richard, what do they do? They are worthless. Actually, they give worthless a bad name. You and I are both old enough to know that a card with our picture on the front, while it is a novelty, means nothing in the real world. the credential are backed up by absolutely nothing>

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