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repainting the industrial carrier


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Topic originally created by Nickg in November of 2013:


Well this truck has been off the road for the last 4 years we recently been getting allot of calls for equipment moving so we decided on getting her looking good again. over the years we took parts off her had to make a new drop bumper and visor and now shes finally getting dual 5" stacks. to start it was a little rust repair on the lower door and fix the cracking where the mirrors mount. some bondo sanding then primer was ready to be scuffed and painted this is where we are at now hopefully will be mostly back together by next friday after a good color sand and buff87016d12a5cd6983c1b269a8d71c0df5d102f6a8.jpg81b265c1a1aefc2a6388a6c7f25917e16e85d9e3.jpg28216812a8c5638cc0d6c7131d684c7e583d6b04.jpg95b3680c155ca18fc6326ba98b4bcc9407d38ba6.jpg1283697016edaf36c8c46217873dcd75275fc28a.jpg2c416214a7cf6c8bc8ac01fa369edc98fcbf0383.jpg90c266b138a15ce46168c1ccdc187ceb6433c8e1.jpga0f36d241caea153c99d62518e98cc43584a07e8.jpg6923608411f0a97dc8df6eaf8b47caf61967aac3.jpg5d33621318c2a9d5c20769ec87d2cf96952eb195.jpg3e426e7145a22c3b65985bc1ef135ec8f91ea1c8.jpgd4d3615a16c0a9fbc78a60da8aa0cd93aac61df9.jpg


RIGGIOTOWING tubegreen.gif said:

Man you guys never stop! You gotta love the New England rust. I don't know how you guys do it but your whole fleet looks awesome. You sure have some talented guys over there. Maybe I will send some of my projects over to you guys to get me caught up. LOL!!!!


Towman33 said:

Thank's for all the comment's, It is tough to get all the truck's in one place but we will do our best to get some fleet shot's up for you guy's thank's again!!


Nickg said:

RIGGIO  we have enough to keep us busy for awhile! lol winter came to quick and trying to still get stuff done in between is tough at times.

 Thanks for the kind words its allot of hard work but its like our life size Tonka toys! i guess you can say we haven't fully grown up lol.

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