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How Do the rest of you get your drivers TIMS Certified ?

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was just curious how the rest of you folks handle Tims training.   around here NOBODY such as law enforcement or fire rescue like to share their TIMS training and certifications. kind of the no you can't play in my sand box mentality,  so unfortunately if you are not part of one of these agency's your on your own.  I have been able to find a couple of places online that you can get the basics from, however I think hands on training is better any day of the week.  does anyone have any suggestions or ideas ?


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Welcome Knighthawk Towing to the TowForce Forums (May 2018). I'm a California TIM instructor and author of a tow operator's safety course for CHP rotation providers I teach tow operator safety throughout the US. I'm hoping this information can help lead you to TIMs training for you and your drivers. Your association should be all over this post, but, their website offered no assistance. Note: You don't have to be a member of any association to get TIM trained. Sorry, this information is lengthy, but specific to your request. Live courses are best, but may not be reaily available in your location. TIM training can be completed on-line if you are motivated and willing to take the on-line course in the time necessary. The narrative below provides you contacts regarding where to possibly find live-courses. The Wyoming Highway Patrol's tow boss should also know where TIM courses are held ... call the District 1 office in Cheyenne at 307-777-4301 or 307-777-3897 and ask them if they know where a live course is held, or, if they can refer you to someone who knows.


The narrative I've written below is a tutorial where you can get TIM training on-line and navagative the somewhat confusing log-in ... just follow the bullet prompts. If you have problems, call the help desk at the training center. When you and your drivers have completed training, print out the certificate and include it in every tower's employee file. Also, send a copy to your insurance provider and ask if they will consider a better rate for you company's policy rates. Since you have WreckMaster training and perhaps rotator training, you'll need every bit of training to (hopefully) ease your operational costs. Anyway, if you have questions, drop me an email at rreschran@gmail.com. I salute you for seeking out TIM training. Good Luck.   


Sources of Information & Contacts - Wyoming


William “Bill” Panos

WYDOT – Wyoming Director of Transportation

Phone:  307-251-8380



Wyoming Towing Association





Association President:  Kathy Julius

Phone:  307-365-8223

Email:  dougstowing_wy@yahoo.com


Association Executive Director:  Junior Elmore

Phone:  307-632-2221

Email:  baddogme2@yahoo.com


Online Website Link:




Here is the link to TIMs Training for Tow Truck Operators - Below ... follow the bullets or prompts




·      Just below where it says to Log-in … see “New User and Create An account”, click on, “Create an Account”


·      Enter your E-Mail address and check, “NO” (you are not a FHWA Employee), click …


·      Follow exact instructions to complete the Log-in process of Log-in name and password


·      In the Box - Choose:  133126 – National traffic Incident Management Training – Web Based



       Design and Traffic Operations



·      Scroll to far left-hand bottom of page and select, “Shopping Cart Checkout”


·      Read the page = “Check out is easy. Follow these simple steps”


·      Follow steps to, “Checkout”


·      Prompts lead to, “Course Completion”, and include reminder of course dates of expiration


·      The course takes approximately 4-hours


·      ALL subsections of training MUST BE COMPLETED. Attempts to not complete training or bypass training subjects will result in an incomplete registration.


·      IMPORTANT:  Take good notes on all topics and keep them to answer questions if there is a test at the end of topic instruction.


·      Follow all prompts to obtain printed certificate at end of course.


·      Towers:  When your certificate is printed, make one copy for yourself and provide one to your company for inclusion on CHP application 243F


·      If you need additional assistance after reviewing the FAQ Web page and the My Training Help section, please contact NHI                                                     at nhicustomerservice@dot.gov or (877) 558-6873.

Randall C. Resch

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