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Knighthawk Towing

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  1. Knighthawk Towing

    Tow Insurance

    I have had good luck with Berkshire Hathaway so far. SUPER reasonable rates. only complaint is it takes them forever to make policy changes, such as add a new truck, ECT.
  2. Knighthawk Towing

    2018 wreckmaster roll call

    WM 160330
  3. Knighthawk Towing

    Personal use, Rollback project

    LOL speaking from experience, make sure you have NOT FOR HIRE pasted all over that sucker. depending on the state, they will mess with you. cool truck tho. I have a Mitsubishi fuso wrecker version of yours. good trucks.
  4. Knighthawk Towing

    Hello Again

    Just took the time to log in to the old forums and found out they had moved. so I created a new account here. I didn't post a whole lot on the old forums but I did enjoy reading the topics and discussions and was able to learn alot. hopefully I can do the same thing here and hope to be able to contribute as well. wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself on here. so here goes My name is Jim, I own Knighthawk towing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have been in business 3 years in July. I have a GMC topkick rollback with a 19ft Jerr dan rustler bed, and a 3116 cat. A Dodge Ram 3500 with a century 411 and a 24 valve cummins, And recently added a Mitsubishi Fuso FG211 wofith a Century twin line bed, and a 5.9 Mitsubishi Diesel, built by House of Wreckers. Have been transporting cars for years but only have about 3 years in the towing industry. am currently Wreckmaster 4/5 Certified. know quite a bit, have learned quite a bit, and am still learning. will post some pictures once I figure out how.