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Close out 2018 Safe and strong, and Start and Continue 2019 Safe and strong

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Tuesday starts a new year and a new chapter plain and simple. Please be careful in all you do to close out 2018 safe. Be extra cognizant in working on the side of the road. Be extra vigilant when you are dealing with the public at large. There are a great deal of people who are in dire straits. Remember that when a person is interacting with a towing service, they most likely did not instigate this interaction willingly on their own. They were either a party to an accident, exercised bad judgement and parked somewhere they should not have parked, or made some type of bad decision. Many people are not mentally prepared to own up to their own mistakes, they were brought up being allowed to blame others and not take accountability for their actions. This is not our/your fault, but you have to be cognizant to this fact. Most of the time we are able to assist people in the procedure/process of the subject redeeming their vehicle and they move on. There are always those who want to take the situation to the extreme. Be extra cautious when dealing with all people. Be polite, professional, and empathetic, but also beware and be aware. We do not want to put all of our focus on roadside safety only to be seriously injured or killed by an irate subject in the perceived sanctuary of the confines of the office. Please be safe in all you do, and have a great and safe 2019

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