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bagging aluminum shavings  


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Topic Originally created by Riechertandknepp in February of 2011



this load of aluminum shavings came unhooked from a truck after it had pulled out of the dock at a local factory, the company didnt want to unload the shavings due to them apparently being very flamable, the weight of the trailer was unknown but was pretty heavy. it was nice to work in a parking lot that had very little traffic and lots of room to work,. once we had it up we had to hold it while we shoveled the shavings to level them out inside the  trailer, once the shavings were level we then lifted the front of the trailer and put a truck under it and checked it out and the company drove it down the road and delivered it. the trailer never split open and other than the dolly legs being bent when she went down it came through the whole thing pretty well.


TowJohns said:

What made them flammable, did you have to use those plastic scoop shovels?


Riechertandknepp said:

personally I don't think it was very flammable, they said something about the dust being the flamable part, we just did as they requested. We used aluminum shovels, no reason just what we had


sp8000 said:

Believe it or not, aluminum is quite flammable when ground up finely, much like magnesium.  Has anybody ever worked an engine fire on an older (rear-engine) VW Bug?  Water just spreads the fire around, but a class D fire extinguisher for burning metals does the trick.  And I know this because why?  Good call on the aluminum shovels.  There are all plastic shovels made specifically for these types of jobs, I believe that all of the usual suspects carry them, AW Direct, Truck N Tow, etc.
Jeff Leavitt
86 Towing
Gabriels, NY


jeff98970 said:

The shavings could have been aluminum durg which is a by-product from treated aluminum and is water reactive. If it becomes wet it will heat up and self combust. And as a side note, the dust is considered a carcinogenic and should not be handled without a poetical filter respirator. Steel shovels are fine as this product (when dry) is non-sparking.

P.S. Nice job with the bags, looks like it came up real nice.


scooby said:

lol.. you never cease to amaze me.....
theres got to be something you don't know.. 
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