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This is NOT how you toss a salad  


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Topic Originally created by Shmitty30 in June of 2011:


On Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 3:00pm we were dispatched by the Ohio Turnpike to the eastbound decel ramp at Exit 161 for an overturned commercial. A Freightliner Classic pulling a reefer loaded with 42,000 pounds of lettuce and cauliflower had overturned onto its driver's side and slid into the eastbound acceleration ramp. We used our 1060 rotator and our 1050 to upright the truck and move out of the way due to leaking fluids. The trailer was then dragged back into the middle to reopen all lanes of travel while we prepared to upright using our air cushions. SCOOBY-->We used our medium pressure bags as starters and then placed our jumbo's, working our way down the trailer. As we brought the trailer up, we prepped our landing cushions to catch the trailer on the other side. <--SCOOBY We again used the 1050 and 1060 and straps to complete the passover between the cushions. Once on the ground, we backed one of our bobtails under the trailer and transported the entire casualty back to our Middleburg Hts. facility. Total time from start to finish was approximately less time than it took to make this post.roll.gif

On a side note, we finally got paid and were able to dispose of the load last week. Hence the reason for the delay in posting. As always,


















David V said:
He wasn't going too fast was he?  No, No, he was going safe speeds, and it tipped over.
oldwinch said:
i see a dolly was that placed before the upright an if so was that very difficult to do? Tim
Scooby said:
u guys have about the best techniques I have seen... u don't even bother with the straps until its almost up. it looks like u r 4/5 feet up before rigging the straps.

I watch people struggle trying to get straps rigged while its on the ground, too bag it??? never could figure that out

Over the years I have seen people praise a few other companies as being the best, you folks for some reason are never mentioned in the same paragraph.. for what reason I have not a clue.. but I would say w/o a doubt your crew could hold your own with any outfit out there!!

as always, first class all the way
AWT902 said:
We have been tempted to place the straps at that point in the uprighting process but were concerned about the safety of working close to the trailer in that position.


MajorGungHo said:

I've never worked around bags, but I think the first time I climbed under a trailer half up with bags I would have a strong work ethic to get it done fast.... lol

Looks like a job well done, thanks for posting.


In Memory of Don44Tows who said:

great job again team rich's way to go bob and dale great team work guy's thanks for the great post


BMK3457 said:

Thanks for all the compliments guys. Its nice to see that from people who've earned a respectable name on this forum. Yes, even you Scooby.

AWT902 and CCTows~
When we do these recoveries, we are all very aware of the inherent dangers of working this close to a trailer. Accidents can and do happen. But as long as you trust and maintain your equipment, as well as excercise some common sense, there are really no foreseeable dangers. Plus, as Scooby said, why fight the trailer and try and force the straps underneath when you can use pneumatic pressure and create sizeable gaps to just feed it in? We never climb under a suspended trailer. We have a long pike pole that we just push the strap under with. That way we can stay out of the "fall zone" in case something goes wrong. As with everything in this industry, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get around it. Just don't ever take it for granted.

We placed that dolly prior to the upright. It's fairly simple. We just pick it by the tongue with our wrecker and slid it down on the kingpin. Then just rotate it around and chain it in place.



krnydsl said:

Nice Job. We to always start the bagging first. But sometimes I help them too long or am busy taking pictures, or talking to the patrolman. Next thing you know the trailer is way up high before I get to put my straps on. Then I get one of the young guys to climb up the ladder. lol


Matjackman said:
Another first class bag job by Rich's. I agree with Scooby, but I will say when people ask me about companies using bags and using them a lot, you are first on my list to mention. You guys use what you have when you need it, which is why you bought it in the first place, and it's done professionally and safely every time. I can't say enough good things about Rich's and we're grateful we get to share in helping you with our equipment. Thanks for posting and see you in Ohio.
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