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77,000lbs in the trailer. Gear collapsed  

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Topic Originally Created by InterTowInc in July of 2010:


The trailer was way over loaded, actually that's in the title but anyway when the trailer hit the ground it cause severe damage to the floor and cross members cracking the trailer. If we were to lift with just the Tator we would have opened the floor even more. The bags certainly took most of the weight off the belly as we stabilized it with the Tator. We needed two operators on scene. One drove the Tator and the other drove the Air Cushion truck. The wrecker in the picture was there to enjoy the show. Every company has their way of doing things...Ours happens to be the safe way!



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Danielswt said:

Looks like a great recovery.

I do A LOT of downed trailers, most of which have landing gear, fuel tank and x members ripped out of them with the king pin gouged into the concrete and havnt ever had a problem with one breaking open ( not saying it cant happen though ). I have even lifted refers with 66,000 lbs of beef in them! talk about heavy!

Scooby said:
sometimes things don't get looked at in the proper prospective.  This would be a case in point.  I find myself many times thinking things over before I post.

 I have a few observations of this post. I'm not Jeramey's best friend by any means, but I do converse with him regularly.  I have seen some of his work and his operation.  His guys are very dedicated professionals.  I personally think they are a good bunch of professional operators.  I have done some one on one training with his crew in Mass, along with having them attend some of my classes, I can honestly say they present themselves in a very professional manner.

Could that job be done another way....probably....maybe.    ya know what, i wasn't there.  If there was some structural concerns that needed to be addressed, then so be it.  To present, there has been no pictures posted either way, so if it is noted their where "structural concerns", I have no reason to believe I'm being lied too. 

Maybe he did need two wreckers and didn't have the other available......so he used the cushions in it's place. 
Should he be wrong for utilizing other equipment he had at his disposal?

"structural concerns"... I can appreciate that phrase, and know what comes with it.  There are many degrees of structural concerns

using the cushions would distribute the pressure of the lift accross a larger surface then the wrecker(s) alone, would anyone not agree?  So if the floor is ready to pop out, the cushions might be a good idea.  Maybe they offloaded the trailer once it was lifted level, as it was that damaged... I don't know.

But lets take a different spin on this.  Lets say Jeremy's HD wreckers are out on another job for awhile.  Should he turn this job down??  No, why would he when he can lift the trailer with the cushions right??  That along with using proper stabilization techniques to prevent side to side movement as I know they have been properly taught.  Should he call a competitor?  hey its nice to get along with your competition and work together, but to give away $$$$ on jobs that you have alternative equipment that can do it is kind of not smart business is it?? 

For all I know Jeremy lifted with the bags just as a paid training exercise with his crew.  Having the rotator their just in case.  I can't even tell if the tator really did anything or not.

maybe he's producing a video for his website.

I'm not attacking anyone who has responded here, I know Danny and he's a good operator and I use some of the pics of jobs he has done in class.  And gorge is no slouch either.  I don't want you guys to think I'm slinging crap at ya... that's not the case.  All I'm saying is, from the original info provided.. anyone of the above scenarios I have listed could be possible

The title in this post is 77,000 lbs. in the trailer.  Not 45,000 of beer loaded with 2 false bulkheads in the front, spaced two pallets side by side, offset to the 5 foot mark at the rear.
I have know idea what the 77,000 lbs is......  it could be a machine, it could be Noah's ark, or jimmy Hoffa's tomb
AZTowKing said:
If the floor was compromised to the point of needing support to lift it up then why would you put a tractor underneath at the fifth wheel and feel that that was a proper move (general king pin set back is about 30") Wheres the pics of or mentioning of the off load if the trailer was so badly damaged. Personally I would like to here what was actually in the box. Never see that type of weight in a refer before. I think the person who called it in was obviously referring to total weight of T&T. Also was probably just bumped a small amount by a T&T that was parked next to him and that's all it took. To many unanswered questions. (Just think the whole story should be noted)  
Thanks for posting................................
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