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Loaded TriAxle in Tight Driveway...

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Got a call the other day for a loaded Tri Axle Dump that sunk in the yard & was leaning to badly to dump. We headed out to see what we could do for the home owner which is a customer of ours.





At first we couldn't see it from the road because it was 50' higher then us up a steep driveway. I started to back up and then decided to walk it out 1st before I got my truck in to a predicament...




It was a steep ass driveway...enough that I locked the rears in to go up it...





Phil was with me and watched as I navigated up the hill and around all of the obstacles...




I didn't have much room to get in front of him without putting my truck in the front yard. We have had some substantial rain over the last week so I wasn't doing that...already saw what happens when you put a heavy Peterbilt in the grass right?




So I set up at a 45 deg. angle to him and ran I high line wrapped around his tailgate, secured to the hitch plate to give it pull & lift. I usually concentrate on what is stuck...in this case, the left rear wheels were the worse. I ran my right line to a block in my foot and then out to the center pull pin. I wasn't concerned about really pulling from there but it would assist as well as keep the wrecker from leaning & planted on my legs.




I should of took a better picture of my rigging, I was rushing since we had another truck to pick up after this. But anyway, I got a couple of Rimsling Soft Shackles and used one for the hook up...it worked good. 




Well it walked right up out of the hole and once on the blacktop, he was able to straiten out some and dump it. Over all it was a nice little job in a tight area.





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