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Commercial Vehicles failing to Slow Down/Move Over

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As I have noted in the past there is a rise in the number of commercial vehicles failing to Slow Down and Move Over. This should not be such a difficult market to wake up to the dangers. The Trucking Industry is aware of this problem which has increased year after year.
The Trucking Industry seems to not know how to combat it any more than the Tow Truck Industry has combated Predatory Towing.
If the Trucking Industry does not know how to bring awareness then the Tow Truck Industry must become proactive.
I am an advocate of mounting cameras on tow trucks which capture images of these commercial vehicles. The company names appear on 90% of them. It only takes a few minutes to get the image off the video and alert the safety director of that company.
If the Safety Director does not respond according to the concerns then go up the ladder. In the past 18 months, I have done this a few times, alerting Presidents and CEO's of Companies.
The response through LinkedIn has always been positive. The response is that we will look into this safety concern. The response within minutes or hours has been the issue has been addressed. In two of the reports, the Safety Director has either been removed from the position or reprimanded.
While I dislike anyone losing their position, I dislike even more someone being injured or worse. The Safety Director goes home, that First Responder or Tow Truck Operator may not be so lucky.
I had an opportunity to speak with a few Safety & Training personnel at MATS. I will say Walmart Trainers were the most professional and responsive to the concerns. I can't tell you when I have noticed a Walmart or SAMS Tuck not abide by the Law. I am sure that there are exceptions and some areas that see this occur. Walmart Transportation will address the concerns.
We need to advise these trucking companies of every violation. This action could save a life, is that worth a few minutes of your time?
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