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Tow Truck Drivers Brawl With Police Over An Order Of McDonald's French Fries

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Image: Just because there wasn't one.


There aren't many things more overrated than McDonald's french fries.  I have them in the lower half of my top ten fast food restaurant french fry rankings at best.


I'll take fries from Burger King, Arby's, Chick-Fil-A, Bojangles and Wendy's - just to name a few - over McDonald's french fries any day.  That doesn't mean some people don't prefer the offering found at the Golden Arches.


Among that group is a percentage, although likely very small, that is willing to fight over an order of McDonald's french fries.  A few tow truck drivers in Virginia proved that they were in this elite club on Thursday night.


An altercation broke out between tow truck drivers from Ace's Towing and staff members at a McDonald's in Falmouth, Virginia.  It all started with a man pushing 50 complaining about his french fry order.


The situation escalated to an eventual brawl with police officers that resulted in the arrest of several tow truck drivers and visits to the hospital for two police officers.  In other words, a completely reasonable event.  Did I mention there was an issue with the man's french fry order?


If you're not willing to brawl with police officers over that, what will it take?  Fast food restaurants forcing you to eat cheeseburgers with everything on it?  I live with a household of people who would do battle over that.  Not me, I'm a grown up.  I eat my food with everything that comes on it.


It's unclear if the fries were cold or if someone forgot to put a stroke-incuding amount of salt on them, but for whatever reason, 48-year-old Jamie Morris filed a complaint with the staff.  When the fry situation wasn't resolved to his satisfaction, the confrontation escalated.


YES there is more to this story The Article Link is below. Thou I still want to know what was up with the fries.



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