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Help with finding a spec sheet Pro-Tech 3210

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Hi guys! New to the forum, I was wondering if anyone can help me with getting a spec sheet for a Holmes Pro-Tech 3210? I looked for one and found one but it was very clear and I couldn't make out the info. Thank you in advance!

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The Holmes winch was rated @ 15,000 on the first wrap, 10,000 on the 4th wrap. Bottom line, it's the least of your worries on a car wrecker. These would winch until you flipped the truck over if you wanted to... The primary concern is the rope which they are showing 6x9 Fiber Core 3/8 wire rope rated at 3500 lbs safe work load. That was using around a 3.5 safety factor on new rope. No different then modern wreckers. Get some good snatch blocks for heavier duty work and you will be fine. Going to steel core rope will increase those numbers some (like 4-500 lbs) but it wraps harder and difficult to keep nice on the drums. These trucks never had a real good tensioner system to keep the rope nice and it's easy to get bird nests in it. As for the rest of the truck...you typically can't hurt it. You will always overcome the chassis before you do damage to the unit.


Show us a pic of the truck when you can. If it's your avatar pic, it looks like a HD3500 with a 60"ca? Hopefully for your sake it's a 454 truck...the diesel was less then "stellar"...LoL That unit will never have a problem on that chassis.

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Ed thank you sit yes it's the one I have as the avatar, it does have the 7.4 454! Runs like a champ and the tranny shifts like butter. It looks like either 3/8 or little bigger cable, yesterday we pulled the cables out and winched a suburban to get a nice wrap and lubed them with tranny fluid I attached a photo of the truck and cables on the reels.



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