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Tow truck driver arrested after “stealing” a big rig (SC)


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Tow truck driver arrested after “stealing” a big rig “with the intent to permanently deprive the owner”


A tow truck driver is facing criminal charges after incorrectly towing a parked semi truck “with the intent to permanently deprive the owner” in South Carolina earlier this month.

The incident happened on June 18th in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

According to WSPA News, trucker David Garland spoke to the owner of the Ingles store on Highway 9 and was granted permission to park his big rig in the parking lot overnight whenever he needed. After doing so, Garland’s rig was towed by a Cole’s Towing truck driver Shannon black – a company with a contractual agreement to tow unauthorized vehicles from the Ingles parking lot.


The next morning, Garland realized his truck was missing and an investigation into the incident began. That’s when Cole’s Towing released the following statement:

“The vehicle was lawfully towed based on a valid contract between Southern Pride Towing and Recovery [affiliated with Cole’s Towing] and the owner of the premises where the vehicle was unlawfully parked. Southern Pride towing wants to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and is currently waiting to hear back from the owner of the vehicle, Boyd Brothers Transportation.”

A warrant was then issued for Black’s arrest on charges of grand larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle.


“Black did take, steal, and drive away with the semi-truck cab and its trailer with the intent to permanently deprive the owner; Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc.”” read the warrants.

Black was then taken into custody and booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center, but was released on Monday, July 2nd on $6,000 bond.

Cole’s Towing still says that they stand by their original statement.



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This is why when we do PPO's we require the property owner to be present and sign the individually produced tow off authorization invoice.  We then call in the VIN and tag to the local PD for any reports of theft of the vehicle.  There is now a record that we are not stealing the vehicle, but removing it with property owners authorization.  

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