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Looking for pa insurance suggestions

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Have auto shop and bought a rollback and wrecker recently. Looking for insurance suggestions and average costs in pa so as to get fair rates. I am planning to do motorclubs in near future so would like to estimate my costs to operate. Any info would be appreciated

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There are a number of factors here to look at. As a repair shop that has wreckers to tow their own customers back to their shop, most of your general liability carriers will write you. That is intending for it to be a small portion of your overall revenue. Once you do "for hire", contract club work or Police Non-Consensual work, it changes everything. Now I'm not saying not to do "club work" so to save on vehicle insurance....there are plenty of reasons more viable not to do that type of work...LoL But that's another conversation...


I use Peninsula Insurance out of Marietta PA which is owned I believe by Donegal Insurance, the actual under writer. They have had good rates for us and their service has been good as well. You need someone to look at and go over all of your intended exposure  and what types of work you're going to look for. Many guys have little to no on hook coverage which maybe works for them until they have a claim... Some guys will carry $50,000 in On Hook but in reality, that's low. Guys may think "well I won't be towing any Ferrari's" but it's more likely to have a $100 grand in a Super Duty pick up or an SUV....and that's not taking in to account for a $250,000 ambulance! Also if you are looking at Police work, entities such as PSP require higher liability as well as Garage Keepers coverages for doing accident work. All of these factors along with your own history will greatly factor in to the rates that you pay.


Good luck with your new endeavor and let us know how you make out.

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You might try Zurich possibly listed as You Zoom as well they carry coverage for all types of auto shop owners and there rates are decent. Not many will cover loaner cars they do. The towing and bond was an easy ad for them im also a license Oregon dealer they handle that as well.  


Federated also came pretty close in there bid to replace them a couple of years ago they would also be an option as they offered almost carbon copy coverage on all aspects of my business. 

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