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Weego jump starts


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Has anyone tried these?  I have a Matco jump starter which is good, but heavy and still wont do the bigger diesels.  I also have a cheap Autozone one that charges from the USB port, it is light and honestly I think it does as good a job as the Matco one so long as the vehicle starts on the first or second try.  BUT, the charging port on the Autozone one is junk, I have had it replaced three times because the charging port connection comes apart.  I like the USB charging because I can leave it in the truck.


I am thinking of trying one of these





Weego 120 Jump Starting Power Pack | 1200 Amps | Jump 0V Batteries (myweego.com)


Weego 120 Jump Starting Power Pack | 1200 Amps | Jump 0V Batteries (myweego.com)

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I've never seen or tried the weego but I have the Norco GB150 in my trucks and they do great they will start a medium duty wrecker that is completely dead. I have never tried a dead class 8 tractor but it would probably crank it once. They are rated to 12L diesel or gas I think. Regular cars it'll jump off probably a 100 cars before needing charge it also has a voltage read out on it so when you hook it to a dead battery it'll tell you how dead it is and once it starts you can verify the alternator is working with the digital voltage meter.

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I have never used the Weego one as well. But we also use the Norco Brand as well. They are great, and have worked really well. I'm not sure what model we have, but it will start a diesel pickup.

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