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American Towman - Defending the Value of Training

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By Randall C. Resch  


Ya’ can’t go a week without seeing someone poking holes’ in the need for industry training. Forum participants are quick to make aggressive attacks on course content in which towers claim they don’t need formal training because “I learned it on my own” or “I’ve been in business for years and don’t see the need.”  


Other long-time “experienced” towers indicate that “training’s expensive” and “it’s a waste of time.” 

But could the lack of training be detrimental to towers in the unforeseen event something does happen? 


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I just attended a 30 hour OSHA training. I spoke to a OSHA investigator and specifically asked him about the towing industry. He stated that OSHA regulations do indeed apply to the towing and recovery industry. He stated that training such as Wreckmaster that has a curriculum is a good STARTING point for training. He stated that it is the employers responsibility to ensure that the employee has proper personal protective equipment. The employer must provide safety glasses, anti colored vests, as well as gloves. The standard is gear that will be used primarily in the scope of the job. If an employee might use the gear outside thatscope,that's open, not the employers responsibility to provide it. Workbooks might be worn outside the scope of employment t thus are not required as are prescription safety glasses. One itemthatJfound interesting was that OSHA requires a HEAT PLAN for those working in the heat. Do your employees have water? Do they have training on what symptoms are of heat exhaustion? Heat stroke? Do you have a file on each employee that documents training? 

OSHA fines start at 14,000.00. 

Another area that I was unclear on is that an employee has to report a violation in order for OSHA to initiate an investigation. An employer can request an audit from OSHA and have a representative from OSHA do an assessment of their operation.  Many in this industry do not understand how the process works. That includes bothemployeesas well as workers. 


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