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Air Cushion Society  

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While it failed to materialize past a few members forming their own relationships. This was part of a topic I began back in 2010.


Topic from 2010, while it is not a direction TowForce is moving in at this time I did want to bring it back up. If the interest is there I will set a Club Level Recognition.


OK, it just makes since if there is a Tator Club on Tow411 then why not an Air Cushion Club as well. Why just look dig out some of those recoveries you have done and post them. Got recoveries that are more than 10 years old pull them out as well. Again you must be qualified to operate the Air Cushions and present at time of recovery. You do not have to be the lead operator at the recovery to post them as long as you are authorized to make such posts. The post goal for this status is half of the Tator Patch Club. Just Air Cushion 25 recovery posts to be recognized, lets get the post count up in this forum.

I decided that Air Cushion should be a Society and not just a Club. Is everyone OK with this recognition. Also, I realize 25 posts can be difficult, if it were easy everyone that posts an air cushion recovery job would gain recognition easily. I ask what fun is that.......


- - - - - - - - - - -


So, is it possible we can move forward with this interesting concept once again. Yes, topics which are recreated from the old message board will be counted as they are posted here.


- - - - - - -


Gale25yrs said:

I like to think I am as good with cushions as most but in 10 years of working them in the greater Portland area I dont believe they've been used 25 times in 8 or so years.


Heavytowman12 said:

I'm glad you added the 10 year old clause in there. Haven't seen any action in 2010 I will have to look back the only bad thing about that will be. I'll see how much older I have gotten.   


TowZone said:

Yes, I really like seeing some of the jobs from 10 or 20 years ago. So dust the boxes off, scan them in and post them here.


DHOOK488 said:

so what about if a post contains both tator an ac's?
IMG_4324-1.jpg Dr.Hook Towing Wpg, MB, Canada 1-800-561-4665 Light,Medium,Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Carriers From 10-40K Tandem and Tri Landols WWW.dhook.COM 2008 KW T-800 Tandem Steer Tri-Drive Century 1075S 5X
TowZone said:
That's a good question, I suppose the Air Cushion dominates the Tator. The really messes with some heads does it not?

Thanks for bringing it up as I will have to keep that in mind and make adjustments to the level of participation (post count).
Scooby said:
it seems to me that the name should be a little more "catchy"

like, the secret squirrel air cushion society
Gale25yrs said:
The years I used the Metro Air Cushion Team the truck was based in Sherwood and you never knew which Hall of Famer ( Jerry Bullock or Marty Oppenlander)was coming out with them. A year or so after Triple J bought some I was quite shocked when Marty called to say they sold theirs and passed the torch so to speak.
TowZone said:
While I realize that the Air Cushions may not be something your company uses on a regular basis. I am sure that out of all the members viewing this forum more that a couple of you are using them this week or even today. We need images even if you think they are a simple job such as a load shift. The information you post will be useful to those just getting started in Air Cushion Recoveries or those losing money without using Air Cushions. Even those who say they cannot justify the cost of a set.
Scooby said:
and I should add...well not yet.. there will be a major announcement on something else "BIG" in the works....
- - - - - - - - - -
My question is now, what members that use Air Cushions have made the transition from the Old Tow411 Board to the New TowForce Board.
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