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Propane truck from the rear


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Recreated from a Post made January 2007:


I picked this unit up in Charletteville,Va to come back to Coatesvlle,Pa. I just wanted to grab the rear. It handle good.
RearTowwithhitch001.jpgWill Cain
Chesapeake Service - Will Cain
danielswt said:
dang dude, thats just plain cheat'n ! im not a huge fan of the true hitch, but that looks like it worked out well.
Scott Burrows Said:
I just like the looks of a Mack, I don't care what kind of mechanism is on the back.
Scooby said:
I will say will, keep this up and we'll have to get you your own room hear just for the true hitch
ESC said:
wow... not too often i read a post and see coatesville pa...
my dads shop, Eagle Service Center is 20 min from there...
and i work full time at my Uncles, Buzz Woodward Towing in Coatesville... we do towing for cville..
i assume you took it to the propane facility back on foundry street??
Scott Burrows said:
Also, regarding photo #2: that looks like the PERFECT spot for the chains - across the frame, at a CROSSMEMBER.
Looks like an exceptional way to relocate a towed vehicle!
ole750 said:
Looks good will but the guys that dont operate a tru-hitch will never understand the concept. The longer you stretch the booms out the less weight pulling down on frame. Just curios did you have to block the rearend for added height. Looks as though you didnt. Keep gettin them with the Tru hitch and keep these guys wonderin. All the negative comments about these units makes me realize just how much these other operators dont understand them. I only wonder why the hell there is no more of them on the road than what they are. One of the best investments you can make into the heavy towing business.
Blkwill said:
Yes Billy We did meet at RB auction, welcome aboard.
Scoopy I don't think that will be a good idea. It A Great one.
ESC I get around you never know where you will read about me. I'll look for you next time Im up your way.
Ed, the booms extend to be 16' long. Im looking to try different thing with that kind on reach.
Keith I come up 29 back to 66. I came throw Culpper at about 4 am. Coffee would of been good. I got go back in a few weeks for another unit so Ill stop in.
The hitch isnt that much harder to use. Once you understand it its not that bad. One good thing is Ill see you at the scales and we'll see who wants the learn it!!!!!
Keep looking I got more for ya
Chesapeake Service - Will Cain

Started at the bottom, now I’m here


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