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Lane Blocking


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Topic Originally Created by OldTrucks in May of 2005:


Recently read a post re:Lane Blocking - Here in Maple Ridge B.C. we have a stretch of road where tow work is taking your life in your own hands. A hook up on a wrecker is not as bad as loading a deck - it is the service call for a flat that really scares the pants off a tower.

How far back and how much lane should one be taking? Lets see hmmm - 3/4 ton pick-up moving at 80 MPH hits F-450 wrecker parked at 30 degree angle from shoulder of road 30 feet from disabled vehicle ....how long does it take for either truck to kill operator? Think about it..."Tow them like you own them"


Towmaster B said:

Don't change tires on the side of the road. Drive them or tow them to a safe place far away from traffic first.


Stevo said:

Ditto...I will tow a car for free off the highway to chage a tire before I change it in traffic.Steve

Choice Towing & Recovery


lstyba said:

Good to see you on tow 411 Doug.

I will be hanging around Maple Ridge Towing as of Nov 1, after my tour bus driving finishes for the year.

I have a ton of material for training and lane blockage will be one issue.

What I do is look at each situation and determine where I am going to set up my wrecker as to block me from oncoming traffic.

I have asked customers to drive it further off road for safety reasons. The big complaint from the customer would be to damage the rim or tire more. My response is you have already travelled on it from highway speeds to a stop. the distance further i am asking you to travel will not hurt it anymore than all ready is, it is for our safety. If they say no, I say well it is not safe so I am leaving the scene, that usually forces the hand.

Your safety first Doug, No one can replace you, a wrecker yes.Cya In the Ditch

Larry Styba
WM# 011088
6/7 AC


oldtrucks said:

Thanks to everyone for the feedback - much appreciated. Larry - looking forward to having you kicking around the place....will make sure Judy bakes up a big batch of cookies for you...."Tow them like you own them"


Divor said:


might have to stop in on my next trip down


lstyba said:

Guaranteed only crumbs left for you Ivor. But I will buy you a coffee.

It should be fun Doug. If it is not fun, then what the heck are we doing their?

Cya In the Ditch

Larry Styba
WM# 011088
6/7 AC



This is what we had to do for traffic control one night last summer while a load was pulled off of a wrecked trailer. This was done for about 12 hours with full authority from WYDOT and the Highway Patrol.




FMS MIKE said:

Usually if changing a tire in the shoulder, I will position my truck on an angle about 300 feet back from the car with my emergency lights on. If it is in a very hazardous spot, i will just hook it up and fix it where its safe. If I need to completely block a lane for something, I have no reservations to calling the PD to assist. They encourage us to do that.

Farmington Motor Sports




David, nobody tried to drive through the cones. If they would have, the only way around the accident scene would have been to drive into the river. What was so funny that night was that how many people could see this from a mile and a half back that the road was closed and pulled up and asked if the road was closed. I only ended up with a few mad people. I told them it was no big deal and they would still have to go back 3 miles and get on the interstate.

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It’s funny I have swapped tires and towed cars from some less desirable highways in the dark rain and snow but the worst tow to date was in one of our local town one way two lane 25 mph road. I took a second person had them load the car while I yelled and screamed at people to get the fk over. I had hazard marker out was in my reflective coat the Triple x size I wear because it’s got miles of reflective tape on it We were in high gear probably blocked 2/3rd of one lane for less than three minutes during which time I literally could have hit the passengers in twenty cars that refused to get over one of which was even a fellow shop owner he was within a couple feet of me before he moved over. Through the entire event I counted the worst delay we created for any driver was eight seconds yep eight seconds one car was stopped while trying to get in another lane. 

live seen two other cars pulled off this road without a second person and thought the next time I get a call for this location I will require a cop to block the road so they can kick the sides of cars that refuse to get over. 

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