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Uhauled Out....


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We were real busy yesterday and I did 3 different jobs for Uhaul. First was a guy who pulled in to a drive through of a food joint...the wrong way...and couldn't back up with a car dolly on it... They told him that he would be responsible for the fees involved to help him get turned around...




The car drove, I unloaded it, unhooked the trailer and spun it around...then reloaded it pointing in the right direction. I would have to be "ill" before I would pay $250 to do something so frivolous... LoL


Then we got called for a theft recovery at a hotel near this job. Found the truck and opened the door to see if it was loaded. A ketchup bottle fell out along with 30 or so cockroaches out the back...It is packed with somebody's house. Rear towed it and it was heavy...




Don't know all that was in it but it made my steer light. Transported back to our facility till we get word what to do with it.

Then around 10:00 last night we get a call for a 20' truck with 2 bad tires on the rear. They couldn't get a tire service out there in a pretty secluded area of Interstate. The highway is under construction and single lane through this area. I checked the link and saw a couple pics that the customer uploaded...





First thing I notice is it was "sunny" out when they were taken...would have liked to have been called then instead of messing around in a construction zone at midnight... Se we head up there only to find out it was pulling a loaded auto transporter as well! Info that would have been valuable earlier... Fortunately Eddie went with me in his truck for traffic support so we were prepared. 




Crossover right by it which helped so I could go across pointing the wrong way in the construction lane and back up to it...





Lugs came loose but the hub was destroyed as well...A tire service wouldn't have worked out anyway...







Dropped the trailer & pulled the truck ahead. Dropped it and backed the car wrecker between them to hook the trailer...




Once he was out of the way I could do a rear hook up and tow it back to our facility for repairs...




Got home around 1am and Eddie went back out for a bucket truck. I'm too old for this stuff....LoL



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