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Motorcycle accident

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This one was a wreck from last week. A 63 year old operator on what was a very clean old Yamaha motorcycle was traveling down the road when a deer ran out of a cornfield. The operator had two compound fractures in his leg and severe road rash, but he will recover. The deer didn't make it. The bike held up well considering. It sure is a solid piece compared to today's motorcycles. The last couple pics are just before we unload it and out it inside. We have a couple old Penske truck boxes that we use for storage. We keep all motorcycles inside and typically charge indoor storage to keep them protected.



mooresbp tubegreen.gifsaid:

That is how I like to do them except I put rear strap through the wheel


goodmichael said:

That bike held up really well. Glad to hear that the rider will recover. A very close friend of mine was in a motorcycle crash in April, and is in very bad shape. suburban pulled out in front of him and he hit the A pillar, flipping over the truck. It is really tough to see such a vibrant individual incapacitated due to one persons single failure to pay attention.


ESC tubegreen.gifsaid:

Typically, I go through the rear wheel too.  I wasnt out on this job to know for sure if there was a reason for strap placement on this one.... but in this case, it worked fine.  Some of the newer bikes, the subframes aren't all that strong that I would trust them..


polarbear0808 said:

good job . !


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