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Honk on Youtube - Special Edition HONK Live! Show: Industry talk with friends!


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I never miss one of this Live Streams.


I do have a  special request that TowForce Members that are on FB enter the live stream and reply TowForce in the house. This will show the Force this message board is in the Towing Industry. You would have to search Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. several hours a day just to get what you do on TowForce in less time then it takes to properly hook up a vehicle. Well maybe not that fast for some of you, but you get the idea.


Join me in the Chat Friday 11AM CT, Noon ET and WEst Coast it'll be a Brunch Meeting for you. May the TowForce be with you.

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TowForce in the House!

I have been asked to define "In the house" this is a slang expression used to announce someone's arrival.
Often, the person who says it is announcing their own arrival. So, as TowForce Admin I am announcing my arrival in a Live Stream. I will be doing this each time I enter a Live Stream. I ask that our members do the same.
Prefer to announce your arrival in the Live Stream. It's all Good Let's start a trend and see how far it goes. "Company Name in the house!" of course the representation of "TowForce in the House!" is most appreciated. If you did not catch the Live Streams from the Texas Tow Expo this weekend, we will do our best to get those up. It seems FB no longer allows those to be copied shared to YouTube. The FB Member posting the Live Stream must copy it over to YouTube. If anyone knows of a program that allows those video's to be saved let me know. Be careful video download programs you download...
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