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Someone Forget to add Water...

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in December of 2007:


We had a call to go and winch a boat on a trailer that was stuck , on arrival we discovered a landing craft on a 90 foot extender trailer,
The drives on the tractor were 6 inches clear of the ground, Sorry forgot to take pics when we arrived and it was dark, The driver had taken a wrong turning into a military complex, could not get back as the self steer on the rear trailer wheels had burst a hydraulic hose and it was impossible to get at without unloading the Boat ! so the driver decided to charge at the slope with the resulting effect.






We laid in 2 part lines, one to the tractor towing eye and the other to the trailer




We then put our Tator on the rear and rigged for a 30 ton lift , because of the restricted access the tator was not going

to be very helpful after a few feet so we put rollers under the spine of the trailer to help the traler over the hump




We then put railway timbers under the tractor drives and gradually winched it forward , everything went exactly to plan
Well done Matt, Taff, Andy, Sammy and Me Base to Base 3 1/2 hours


Nick Ovenden said:

Good to see it worked out for you bud.

Thought you said you couldn't get behind it for a lift?

Looks good


Byron Coleman said:

Nice job but I am wondering is the tator able to pick 30 ton with that much stick out if so WOW!


mushspeed said:

Thanks Guys,
Nick..... there was no point in lifting at the rear, it would have pushed the front of the trailer harder into the ground and almost certainly bent it, It was like a giant See Saw !!

Byron....we had to achieve a partial lift nearer the centre of the load,to reduce the ground resistance, you are dead right, we knew we could not get a lift with that amount of stick, (unfortunatly the pics dont properly show the angles)

The unit and trailer neck weighed about 12 tons.

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