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Two Part Question?

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Topic Originally Created by miracle1 on Tow411 in April of 2013:


For those that do not post their jobs,Why don't you post them?

For those that do post their jobs,Why do you post them?

My reasons for posting is that I'm for the most part a "textbook" type of person and can get the job done regardless of size but, I'm also a realist and know I don't know everything and haven't seen everything and there's always a better way or atleast a different way...My hope behind posting is to show others that may not know all while learning from those that may have a better safer quicker method or just something I've not thought of....It just seems lately that there are very few new topics and very little discussion about the ones that are new and I'm just curious why? I suppose I should have said a three part question or three separate questions.....either way....Thanks Kenny


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certifoedautomall NJ said:

Personally for me its a combo of things some of my contracts dont permit pictures and the big thing is that theres always some know it all that has to say the job was done wrong! That to me is annoying. I am like you kenny i can get most jobs done regardless. I also know that i dont know everything but i know a good chunk of info. When i tow in a wreck for my PD i dont have the luxury of blocking the roadway and putting a 4 pt tie down on. Its winch it up 2 chains and were rolling. Should it have 4 pts yes it should but i cant block the road so im clearing it!


mooresbp said:

"Should it have 4 pts yes it should but i cant block the road so I'm clearing"

Can't say that I agree with that Mike, if officer here told me to clear before I had four points I would move to a safer location then finish the job.

As far as posting jobs I work by myself and don't always have ability to take action shots. Would like to post more because I usually learn something from some one.


geb4towman said:

I post some but I was raised in a truck by my dad and he always told me we don't have time for pictures, he's the hardest working guy I know and he wont slow down or let us a slow down to grab a picture. I guess I took it to heart because even when I work alone I don't think about pictures until its too late most of the time.


GeorgeFulk said:.

I post to get other people's reaction and critzim iv got broad shoulder and maybe someone will learn from me.


miracle1 said:

Thanks for the responses...I hope for alot more...I also have very thick skin nothing said gets to me,It can be said I did this or that wrong and I'll gladly show why my way was right or I'll learn something or someone else will...either way it's all good...

We take pics of every scene..Our law enforcement is great they know why we take pics and have no issue.It's the same reason they take pics..... to document fact...I have noticed no issues with payment when pics accompany the invoice...I've also seen on large accidents the reconstruction experts will pay for a copy of the same pics that the insurance company has already paid for because they come  from a separate neutral party....

I think what we need to understand in relation to proper securement is everyones location is different, areas like mine traffic is not a real issue,area's like Mike operates in there could easily be thousands of cars backed up and in that instance is it really worth getting hit to worry about attaching all four corners...Textbook is getting hooked up without getting killed.... 


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BlackAutoload said:

Most of my tows are boring . Bunch of no start tows to a shop.

# of views vs # of responses ..... I dont get how someone sees something and has no comment .
I only post an interesting job. So when i post , i want as many responses as possible.
Even if it is a gripe / complaint. At least you had an opinion.


certifiedautomall NJ said:

Kenny you are 100% right When i have a major 2/3 lane road in our town blocked for even 5 minutes traffic is back 1 mile. Forget about when theres a major accident and the road is closed!!!


5towman said:

For me it's pretty much a one man show. Being in the rural area, traffic is usually not an issue. However, I show up on scene, analyze the situation and get to work doing the recovery. And when it's all done and I'm on the way back, I realize the camera is still sitting there, having taken no pictures. I would have loved to have documented my first recovery with my new SP8000 side puller. It was a Chevy Blazer towing a U-haul trailer that hit 2 wild horses and then went off the road, rolling down a 30' embankment. Arrive on scene(after dark), stretch out the side puller cable. Roll everything back onto it's wheels. Winch the Blazer to the roadway and then load onto flatbed. Repeat with the trailer, but tow behind truck with the wheel lift. Normally this job would have required 2 trucks. But alas, when it's all said and done, there sits the camera...


In Memory of NationalAutow who said:

I really push my guys to take pictures. It is relatively new concept and few companies in my area do this. I have told them that, for example, if they tow a car with a busted ball joint, they MUST document the situation BEFORE loading AND AFTER DELIVERY. The discussion we had on this was that if we could not defend our "no damage" position, then they would be responsible for the claim.

Regarding posting pics on here, we rarely get into anything worthy of conversation. That having been said, if you see one of our carriers loaded and he does NOT have a 4 point tie down, PLEASE take a pic and call me.

I seem to believe that most people on this board are like most of the posters above. that being said they encourage discussion and realize that no matter how much experience they have, somebody may have a different or even better way of doing something. Unfortunately, the people that could benefit the most from this type of dialogue are likely already too knowledgeable to learn anything.



iwstower said:

I for one enjoy seeing pictures of towing related situations. Car or truck on an auto loader, rollback, landoll etc, medium duty heavy duty wrecker. I was berated by an individual on here not only about my recovery methods, but my level of education in the towing world. This person was incorrect in his assumptions that were made and probably would have received a fist in his throat had he said it to me in person.

That being said, this is a great site that i feel has a lot of useful information. I for one wish more would post pictures and write ups.



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