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Someone explain, what am I missing?

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Tow truck nearly causes accident, distorts reality when confronted



On 12/11/2020 I'm cruising along with my family when I suddenly have to take evasive action to avoid an accident instigated by an Action Towing of Redwood City, CA tow truck. Ok, it's fine, people make mistakes, and I can accept that no harm no foul. However, when trying to establish what exactly happened, the two occupants of the tow truck begin antagonizing my driving and accusing me of causing the near-miss. Sorry, but it's all documented on camera. Pre-roll to establish that there was no prior interaction with these guys.



There's more in the video link, but it's more of the same and the guy even adds to company info.




What Am I Missing? Okay, after reviewing the video a couple of more times. I see that the Tow Truck switched to the left lane. I assume he then realized that it was a turning lane and instead of turning went straight which triggered the driver with duel cameras. Wouldn't that be distracted driving if you were watching the camera to drive rather than the road? That camera screen is much smaller then the front windshield. Perhaps I'm missing the point or is the point there are camera everywhere?

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>   Wouldn't that be distracted driving if you were watching the camera to drive rather than the road?


That's your take away?  Tower nearly clipped this guys rear bumper and sent him into the next lane then has the audacity to think the other guy is the bad driver.  Tower was in a left turn "ONLY" lane and went straight.  Thank goodness the guy was watching his mirror or camera or whatever and saw the guy coming to get out of the way.


But like he said the tower does this all day every day!!  Damn hope not.

Steve W.

Los Angeles, CA

FSP Operator

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