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Early Morning Winch out-Turns Bad

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Hello, name is Cody. And I would like to share a story that happened to me last Monday during a snow storm we had here in Wisconsin.

So, I work for my friend who owns a mechanic shop, as well as few flatbed trucks.  Last Sunday we have a good winter storm, nothing out of the ordinary living up here.  I get a winch out call from a person, I'm on my way I tell them.  Show up to the scene, get my lights on, position the truck for the winch out. BY this time its Monday morning approaching 6am, shift change is happening for a pretty well named company ( not going to name it on here), and the Highway is very busy.  I'm watching car after car fly by me, no F^c*ks given, and im motioning to people to slow down.  I walked to my truck, to grab the remote for the winch. And good thing I'm quick on my feet, I jumped out of the way for a jeep going 60+, then go head on with traffic.

It was a close call, but that's why we keep our heads on a swivel out there. 

Be careful everyone-Godspeed



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Your a very lucky man.. Cars slamming into one another just feet away from you at highway speed is a sound I will never forget. Now, you probably never will either. You can almost feel it. 

Glad your ok.


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