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Loaded Dump vs Pole

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Woody39 in December of 2007:


We got called for a loaded 4 axle dump vs. pole into ditch. We sent the 60ton rotator out 1st with an extra man. I was doing a winch out close by and was told to respond after I got finished.


On scene we found the truck in the ditch still upright with the power lines resting on the truck. Once given the ok from power people we placed the rotator on the side of the truck, rotated the boom, strapped over the body to hold. As I placed my 50 ton in line with the truck, I winched the truck forward out of the ditch. As they held and rotated the rear of the truck.


Amazingly this dump truck had no damage from the accident or the recovery. we inspected the undercarriage for any possible damage and couldn't find any.












rahagg said:

That looks like it could have be energizing. Looks good. Thanks for sharing


rotator60 said:

That could have gotten real ugly..Nice recovery..Thanks for sharing..


MTA415 said:

dump driver lucky he didn't get the shock of his life! Had a recovery that the power co. confirmed they had shut down and half way thru the recovery a BIG spark and electricity arced over to the winch cable of our 7035! Didn't hurt the Pete but fried the power touch system. Had to get a whole new system installed at GVEC's expense but they didn't pay our 4 days downtime....



fts03 said:

Nice job, looks a little to green in those pics to be a recent recovery. I am sure you were busy this past week end Thanks for sharing


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