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Having looked into this previously, and a cursory search now, I cannot see where this is a change in Iowa. Tow trucks in Iowa are not allowed under "authorized emergency vehicles", and I am not aware of any municipalities that own tow trucks in Iowa. Iowa law, as far as I can determine, has always restricted red and blue emergency lighting to law enforcement and emergency responders only. Two years ago, a modification was made to allow state owned snow plows to use a single blue strobe, but that is the only modification I have seen in a long time. Admittedly, I am no expert, but I have read the law that is on the books several times previously, and there is not much change in the newly presented law, and none that effect tow trucks that I can see. It is a law that is rarely enforced at least in my experience, and in my area. I actually use green and white in my light bar, never even a comment from law enforcement. My mentor used red and blue on his trucks as long as I can remember. Even if convicted of breaking the law, the fine is $45. I cannot find anywhere where there has been any ticket written in Iowa, nor any conviction. Interesting story though.

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