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  1. Thank you for the information. I am one of the authors of the report, I will make the changes.
  2. Responder safety is accurate data and an accurate source. This subject is to in-depth for me type all this. Sorry, but the numbers are accurate and because the three of us are all liaison's for Responder Safety, it gets posted there. Again, FHWA uses our numbers for now. NHTSA is working on a tracking data base but haven't confirmed all details as of yet. We, being the ones involved in this, are quite aware that for towers, data is not tracked accurately, it is the downside to being public/private sector responder. Trust me when I say I am in contact with government entities who are aware of this issue and we are working very hard to come up with a solution. As to the funding, there are tons of grants out there, you just have to search for them. Call resources, government entities, FHWA, NHTSA etc... and your local government - Governor's Highway Safety just some suggestions. Responder Safety is a wealth of knowledge and free training for all responders and well respected in the responder community. I have been involved with them since 2007. However, there funding comes from FIRE Grants and other sources. Data does mean funding that is why we are doing, and last I was told from FHWA that there would be some funding available for us collecting this data to be able to expand our collection. I will have to double check to make sure that is still happening. HAAS alert is just another tool we can use to assist in data collection, as well as protection if used correctly by motoring public (meaning the alerts and moving over) My tone is because I am sick, and feel challenged to defend a process that is the only one out there collecting and working right now. We all full time jobs doing this so it should be welcomed and shared to create more awareness to the motoring public. Randall I love a good conversation, but nothing is going to be solved on here. I posted this information to make people aware of the numbers, that is it. Are there flaws in the systems we are apart of ABSOLUTELY!, do we get the short end of the deal, ABSOLUTELY, but instead of just asking questions, get involved, give solutions, have those hard conversation like I have to do to get us (towers) involved in every avenue. My passion doesn't change and I hate being told I Can't or NO, so I will keep fighting the fight to protect towers and create more spots at the table where towers are included.
  3. Ok, guys, first let me say that this data is not collected by REspondersafety.com although the parties that be (which are three, me and two others that are involved with Responder safety, one being the head of training at RS that collect this data voluntarily). We do this because there is not a government entity that collects it, soon that will be changing. As to your other comments from both you and Brian, your guess is as good as mine as to what happens in the future for towing, it is not responder safety's job (which is funded for fire safety but incorporates towers) to depict what happens with towers. They do their very best to include towers in everything they do. This data is collected for just that because there is NOT another source out there. It is up to us as towers to say what happens with us and for us. And it has nothing to do with my involvement with the Wall of the fallen, it has to do with my involvement for almost 24 years in this business and as an instructor for 13. I am grateful for the information and until someone starts tracking accurately roadside struck by's, I will welcome this info as we collect it. This information is meant to be just that, informational collected by volunteers and until the other "powers that be" start collecting meaning the federal government, everyone should be thankful at least we have these numbers, and just so everyone knows, FHWA uses OUR numbers for their notifications. I know we are all trying to help, but don't shoot the messenger for good information. We only post what info we obtain, I will say it most always involves a crash or arrest, but where they are standing or position of vehicle is only what we can get from news media most of the time. Again, we are volunteers gathering this info. Good night!
  4. Current as of today, we have lost 23 responders by struck-bys on the roadway. If you know of someone being struck, with damage and/or injuries we are tracking that as well as deaths. Please send me the information to tiptow04@yahoo.com. Thanks, Angela
  5. Join Us For A TTTA Meet & Greet When: June 13 Time: 11AM to 2PM Where: The Island- 131 Island Drive, Pigeon Forge, TN 37383 Everyone is invited to attend Light refreshments will be served Guest Speaker- Michael McGovern – McGovern Law Firm (legal counsel for TTTA) Check out what is going on at The Island There will be discounted tickets for the attractions located at the island including the Ferris wheel and ropes course Everyone is invited to attend. (some masks and sanitizer will be available, as well as temperatures being taken) Come out and enjoy, food, drinks and fun! Visit with the board and our administrator, find out the latest in towing, and the association. Door prizes will be given out We are doing a can food drive at this meeting, so please bring can goods .This will benefit the Mission of Hope who is in desperate need of can goods. Meet & Greet Sponsored by:
  6. National Move Over Day is set for October 19th! Have you started making plans for that day? Parade? informational awareness?
  7. I and APTRA will be there in full force! Stop by our booth!
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