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  1. Littletow


    Can anyone tell me why a Senator would be trying to take away your red and blue lights?
  2. Make plans to attend our Move Over Madness Golf Tournament on April 30th! Go to www.aptra.net to register today and come out and enjoy this beautiful weather in Arizona! Spread the move over message!! Need more information, contact me at angela@aptra.net
  3. If your state has an anti-dumping law please let me know and if you know the statute too. Please and Thank you! Angela
  4. Littletow


    APTRA introduced a bill this session that will change the move over law. This bill goes before the first committee on Monday at 2PM. We need support from all responders for this bill, preferably Law Enforcement and Fire. We know we are for it, but we need others to sign in and support it to show everyone wants this. If you are familiar with the AZ Legislature website, and signing in to support a bill, please do, testifying is not necessary. We only need you to sign in FOR the bill, please. The bill nu
  5. Anyone know of a business for sale in TX, preferably NOT Houston. Helping a friend look for one, and they do not want heavies only light duty. If you know of something please let me know. Thanks, Angela Roper 512-484-7928 or email me at tiptow04@yahoo.com
  6. New study report about the effectiveness of fluorescent pink road signs w/black text. Do drivers really pay attention to Emergency Scene Ahead signs? https://www.respondersafety.com/News/Move-Over-Signage-Study-West-Chester-PA.aspx
  7. HELP!! Towing family: I need some assistance. I have a tow truck (flatbed) that needs to be transported to California from PA. Here are the details: Needs to be done this week if possible. Pick up: Cochranville, PA delivered to the port in Long Beach, CA Vehicle: 2018 Peterbilt NRC 22'carrier. It is 34'long, 8'6"wide, 10' tall and weighs 22,000#s. It is located at Null's Towing Picking up for Loyalty Towing in Hawaii Please let me know ASAP if you know of anyone who is willing to do this. tiptow04@yahoo.com 51
  8. Thank you for the information. I am one of the authors of the report, I will make the changes.
  9. Responder safety is accurate data and an accurate source. This subject is to in-depth for me type all this. Sorry, but the numbers are accurate and because the three of us are all liaison's for Responder Safety, it gets posted there. Again, FHWA uses our numbers for now. NHTSA is working on a tracking data base but haven't confirmed all details as of yet. We, being the ones involved in this, are quite aware that for towers, data is not tracked accurately, it is the downside to being public/private sector responder. Trust me when I say I am in contact with government entities who are awa
  10. Ok, guys, first let me say that this data is not collected by REspondersafety.com although the parties that be (which are three, me and two others that are involved with Responder safety, one being the head of training at RS that collect this data voluntarily). We do this because there is not a government entity that collects it, soon that will be changing. As to your other comments from both you and Brian, your guess is as good as mine as to what happens in the future for towing, it is not responder safety's job (which is funded for fire safety but incorporates towers) to depict
  11. Current as of today, we have lost 23 responders by struck-bys on the roadway. If you know of someone being struck, with damage and/or injuries we are tracking that as well as deaths. Please send me the information to tiptow04@yahoo.com. Thanks, Angela
  12. Join Us For A TTTA Meet & Greet When: June 13 Time: 11AM to 2PM Where: The Island- 131 Island Drive, Pigeon Forge, TN 37383 Everyone is invited to attend Light refreshments will be served Guest Speaker- Michael McGovern – McGovern Law Firm (legal counsel for TTTA) Check out what is going on at The Island There will be discounted tickets for the attractions located at the island including the Ferris wheel and ropes course Everyone is invited to attend. (some m
  13. National Move Over Day is set for October 19th! Have you started making plans for that day? Parade? informational awareness?
  14. I and APTRA will be there in full force! Stop by our booth!
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