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Do we have any ESTRA officers on TowForce

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I know we do, I just want to see how many and what it will take to get the message board link back on the ESTRA website. I don't even know when the association website was rebuilt.


The link was there previously as that is how and association has a link by the state forum. Thanks

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When there was enough funds to sponsor golf carts. Tow411 Sponsored the carts at the ESTRA Tow Show. While i never made it to the show, they did posts pictures of the carts and did a nice job on the signage. I still like the message on the golf carts and the value the carts provide to a show. It didn't seem to result in adding new members. When asking those who attended the shows they could remember the signage on the carts just a few days later. ESTRA did the best, maybe we can get back to sponsoring these in the future. With New Sponsors in the works, that should be back on track later this year.

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