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Eat black eyed peas for good luck!


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This Topic Originally Created by Body Soother in January of 2005:


While it is a couple of days early, I thought I would get a jump on it in case anyone wants to run out and get some Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage. Something says these could be in short supply this year.


Body Soother said:

I have heard since I was a kid, "Eat black eyed peas on the first day of the new year for good luck." Do any other parts of the country have anything like this? I was gone most of day, didn't have lunch or supper, so I guess this year I will not have good luck. Came in put a couple jokes on and had to leave again, just got in, now going to bed. +++++Jim



Tow Zone said:

Corned Beef, Cabbage, Corn Bread and Blackeyed Peas.

Looking Forward to 2005


Oklatom said:

I don't think it absolutely has to be on the first, just the first dinner meal you have in the new year. Get some black-eyed peas for dinner tonight and you will have all the good luck it brings.


Annettemcd said:

I have never heard that, but it sounds like a great idea.

I think that I will fix black-eyed peas for lunch tomorrow.

I have not heard of any other traditions like this, tied to the New Year, but I wonder if the Chinese have some traditions like this because they think that the New Year is so important.



Body Soother said:

I planted some of those this summer in the garden. In the summer I ate so many fresh that they should count for new tear. Planted 2 packs, thought they would never stop making. I got tired of shelling peas, at least it was cheap eating. ++++++Jim



In Memory of Va Sue who said:

In many parts of the south including Virginia we have "Hoppin' John" which is a concoction of black eyed peas and rice.
Va Sue


Mr. Waialae Chevron said:

Here in Hawaii we light firecrackers to scare away evil spirits. This is an Oriental influence that crosses all ethnicities now.

There was so much fireworks that the smoke blocked out Waikiki looking from the east.

I have heard of the black eyed peas and actually had a bunch myself. I also ate some okra and Macaroni and cheese.

I should have enough good luck and chased away spirits to last me until next year!

Barney Robinson



Annettemcd said:

Well, we set off fireworks (bartered a tow for a neighbor for them) on New Year's Eve. This is a big deal because since it does not get dark on the Fourth of July and this past summer the entire state was burning up, so fireworks were banned. New Year's Eve is better for fireworks! Today I made black-eyed peas, rice, and corn bread for dinner. So I'm two days late.



Doug Fitzgerald said:

We had Ham,Blackeyed peas,cabbage and corn bread. I did not get to eat mine untill 8 pm tonight.
I had a local call then a 25 mile run and then a 130 mile run (one way mileage)

Happy new year from the pineywoods
Doug formally of

Fitzgerald's Auto Service & Towing
San Augustine,Texas 75972

Serving The Pineywoods Of East Texas Since 1974


budtow said:

Southern Tradition.

Corn Beef
Black Eyed Peas - must eat one for every month!
Corn Bread

Drinks Optional - Sweet Tea, Coke, and Root Beer

I hate black eyed peas but wife says I have to eat 12 so I pick out 12 exactly. Love corn beef! Cabbage I can take or leave. Corn bread is ok but hard to spead butter when not taken out of fridge.



Mr. Waialae Chevron said:

I have some friends that know some Southern customs and have me over for these special food items:

1) Okra. The ones I had were pickled and quite tasty
2) Black eyed peas
3) Green Collards
4) Mac and Cheese
5) Roasted pork loin with gravy
6) Corn bread
7) Yams

Barney Robinson



Body Soother said:

Ain't green collards is collard greens.
Ain't yams is sweet potato.
If your gonna eat country, gotta talk country.

This year was a little different from last, only 2 calls 1st day of year. One had a wore out lisence plate other was a honda crv upside down.
Best of luck to everybody this year, don't forget to eat the blackeyed peas.




Unknown Member said:

Everybody is forgitting the Grits. Nothing better the blackeyed peas, grits, hot cornbread, turnip greens, and a big glass of buttermilk.


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