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The First Trucking show after lockdown


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The Covid virus has forced the UK  government to impose a strict nationwide lockdown  and all shows and public events were banned....after 5 months the restrictions are gradually being eased......but strict social distancing and crowd control restrictions are still in place 


During the last weekend of August ....Truckfest  Peterborough  took place... normally held on the first weekend of May   attracting  more than 3000 trucks ...

This year,  a low key event  which allowed  a maximum of 1000 trucks ...

The whole affair felt a bit strange  with  half of the bars and restaurants  closed or offering a restricted service or menu ...

But...It was good to get out and sample the new normal 


Normally  there are Recovery and rescue demonstrations  held in the main arena  by the Professional Recovery drivers club....but none of this was permitted and the grandstands were

closed off

Below are some of the trucks at the show ...



A  4 axle KW  Boniface / Miller   rotator   operated by  one of largest towing companies in the north west   Hough Green Garage ....part of their signature is the doors  are always painted white,   no matter what colour of the truck .




A very smartly  presented   Merecedes   6x4    fitted with  Boniface / Miller    Recoverer  equipment    check out the ground clearance .....,








Sporting the very latest stainless steel light bars and bull bars   sorry the picture is not very good and does not show the excellence of this truck 




This a clever little tow truck   on a land Rover  cab chassis ....



The Land Rover  engine  has been replaced with a 6 cylinder  6.5 litre  Cummings  diesel  somehow they have managed to shoehorn into the engine compartment 





The business end  of some of the towtrucks there 




A smart unit from Tears Recovery   Boniface/ Miller  equipment 



Not a tow truck...  but a beautifully presented  6 axle   tipper truck     gross weight  44 tons    with a payload of  28 tons   check out the short wheelbase...specially designed to be loaded by mobile road planing  machines 



This is a very impressively presented  3 axle  Scania  tractor  unit   operating  in Ireland 



Same truck .....check out round the working end ......



A stunning  K W  show truck    ( incidentally...I sold that to Kevin and he put the Harley on ) normally a huge crowd puller 






The very latest in European  and UK  truck design  running on maximum permissible  length  and weight  18.5 metres long  44 tons gross weight 4 metres high  for normal cargo and freight operations ....check out the ground clearance 





 A beautiful  Sania  T cab  580 hp  V 8 engine     gross weight   44 tons 



A Volvo tractor  4 axle 600 hp twin steer,  double drive with hub reductions,  for use on special heavy haul type operations up to  150 tons,   3 inch pin... the box behind the exhausts contains additional air tanks and gearbox oil coolers as well as the usual chains and straps.

operated by one of Scotland's premier transport companies. 




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Thank you for the share, awesome to see things returning towards normal. Love seeing the trucks from across the world to get a different perspective of how folks customize their rides. Love the images.

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