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  1. I hope the tow operator makes a full recovery. Once again he “ entered the shoulder striking the driver”. Why? Not only did he refuse to move over, but appears to have aimed his vehicle at the tow truck and operator. To me that makes it attempted murder, not negligence. If prosecuted as such , others might decide to follow the law.
  2. 5towman

    Tower Down: Newport News 02.07.19

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends
  3. I sure hope he makes a speedy recovery. I’ll keep him on my prayers.
  4. Not good. I hope the tow operator is ok. There is no excuse for this. From the picture it appears he was doing everything right and still some idiot can’t pay attention long enough to avoid a collision.
  5. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Just had a close call 2 nights ago. Parked on the shoulder of the road with the front tire just over the white line; 2 NHP cruisers there with lights flashing. 18 wheeler had to lockup brakes and swerve to avoid hitting front of my truck. I would have been completely off of road, but road market prevented me. NHP went after trucker to “ give him a good talking to”. In my case I think NHPs super bright LED light bars actually blind on coming traffic to the hazard ahead.
  6. 5towman

    Tower Down - 01/11/19 "Updated"

    Another good man gone. My heart goes out to his family and friends. And I agree that just one police vehicle slowing traffic down makes all the difference.
  7. 5towman

    Tow Operator Fatality - Texas 01/04/2018

    thoughts and prayer go out to his family.
  8. 5towman

    Re: Sad News - Tow Operator Fatality New Mexico

    Very tragic. My deepest sympathies go out to Pat’s friends and family. It’s a dangerous job we do.
  9. 5towman

    Do not be the next Tower Down in 2018.

    I agree. Please be safe out there.
  10. 5towman

    A Very Special Christmas Eve Story

    Thank you Ron for sharing this. I was just logging on to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Brought tears to my eyes. I’ll be spending the evening with my kids, grandkids, and in-laws. I hope everyone on here has a someone special to spend time with. Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. Started towing in April of 1977. 41 years of helping people out of the various predicaments they get into. Still enjoy it.
  12. Ron, you’re doing a great job with the site. The changes just happened to coincide with my life becoming busier and I’ve had less time to visit the site. Keep up the good work and I’ll log on and reply to topics as tome allows. 89008.
  13. 5towman

    Tow Truck Driver Killed along I-35W (TX)

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  14. He is given a measly 6-12 years for killing 2 people. Had he used a gun they would probably have given him life in prison. What’s the difference?? He still made the choice to kill two people. No excuses. Our justice system stinks.
  15. Hero’s, every one. No recognition, just doing their jobs. I salute them and say well done. If I could, I’d be there helping them rebuild their homes and businesses.