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  1. Great Job to bring this community back to life or should I say a New Towing Community to Life.


    Best part it's all towing related with few distractions. Check it nearly every day, plain to become a supporter this month. This is too good to let get away, hope to have pic's of a new truck soon. Sadly things not changed, no one seems to have stock and the ones that do either want the financing or do not call back. Here's to 6000 members, hope most will be active

  2. Jerr-Dan 22' Steel Bed might consider a Chevron


    Could even be a 2018 or something with low miles.


    Either the dealers do not respond or they say they have what I am looking for then oh we just sold it.

    But wait we can order you one. If I wanted to order one, I know where to go. May have to do that soon.

    Send me a message, if I post my number again the phone will ring with everything but what I want.

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