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From TowTimes.com - Knock Knock

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By Geri Roskopf

How many times has a kid told you a knock-knock joke and while you groaned at the punchline, the kid just laughed and laughed?


Most often, knock-knock jokes are just plain annoying, but on the flip-side, the great thing about a knock-knock joke is it’s interactive. You have to respond to get the punchline.


I can hear you asking: “Your blog is supposing to be about the towing and the recovery industry. What’s with the knock-knock jokes … and your punchline is?


I think many of us could use a silly knock-knock joke — just to help us get through the craziness of our world right now. I’m almost to the point where I don’t want to watch the news anymore, but it’s sort of like watching a horror film. You cover one of your eyes because while you’re not sure what’s coming, you don’t want to miss it, either.


Besides what’s happening in our world, nation and communities, I’m still having to deal with all of the “normal” day-to-day operations of my towing business. A hydraulic hose went out on one truck, one of the heavy duty trucks hit a deer, new tires were needed on a trailer — and that’s just the equipment. What about my employees and their safety, anxieties and emotions over the COVID-19 pandemic? I am so grateful to have them come in every day to work and continue to help the motoring public.


So, here are two knock-knock jokes you can tell your kids or grand kids:

Knock, knock                                                           

Who’s there?                                                           


Tank who?                                                                 

You’re welcome!   


Knock, knock  

Who’s there?


Annie who?

Annie thing you can do I can do better!                                             


Thinking of you – stay safe.



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