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Sat nav or common sense?????


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03-02-2007: Originally posted by towee999

Ok a lot of us use them but we all know we need a little common sense DONT WE?

I was asked to go and assist a collegue (Sammy & Gary) with a Semi in a farmers field. This is what i found when i arrived.


Yes the Polish driver had followed the dirrections of his Sat Nav to the last letter.

So not only had he driven in to a very wet muddy field he also pulled the pin yes we have pin pullers too.
You can see how far from hard standing the guy had driven in this photo.


First things first reconect the trailer to the unit but the trailer was sinking and the unit wouldnt drive in the mud. Sammy had rigged up a snach block off a nice holms tree in just the right place & run the cable under the trailer too the unit and winched the unit back to lock the trailer back in place.



Once that two became one again we used the same cable to winch the truck back another cable was also layed out to assist with the winching and also to assist with pulling the trailer round. We had two 90 degree bends to get the truck round before the driver would be able to carry on his trip.




Due to phone battary going flat and we were loosing light i didnt get photos of the end of the job but we had to re rigg about three times and the hardest turn was the last as the trailer just would not come up on to the road way and we couldnt do a side pull as the farm cottages were in the way. We couldnt allow the driver to reverse up the track back to the main road as the track was the same width of truck and we had lost the light. Worst of all the track was about 3 miles long we didnt want to winch him out again.

Thanks to Sammy & Gary for your help.
Oh yeh thanks to Sat Nav also.

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