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Re: Wireless Controls

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In the midst of the number of tow operators killed in the line of duty both on-highway and city streets, working the white-line side is basically, "Suicide", in my mind.


I'm not one who does product reviews, yet there is one product that can mean the difference between a tower's life or them being killed needlessly. The product: Wireless controls. At least a dozen tow operators were killed in 2019 working shoulder and white-line incidents.


Not that towers need more regulation, I believe that the current state of affairs that count fatal after tower fatal, flatbed carrier manufacturers should forgoe the cost of equipping carriers with driver side controls in exchange of outfitting carriers with  wireless controls. For obvious reasons, too many crashes are now occurring when carriers are on-scene, the deck is lowered to full tilt, when some innattentive schmoe, distracted driver or DUI motorist to play Evel Kenievel and drive up a tilted ramp only to roll over in traffic lanes. Additionally, wireless controls can enable towers to NOT stand behind a carrier's deck when loading and off-loading, or, having to erect a stiff-leg by yourself without someone to operate the controls.


For somewhere around $1,000 bucks, an existing carrier's system can be retrofitted to a wireless system. I ask the question, "What is a tow operator's life worth in compared to having the proper equipment necessary to not work the white line?" Unfortunately, I know an owner's comeback to that will retort, "Why do I need to spend a thousand bucks when my driver should just stay the hell off the white-line?"


The video isn't the most safety conscious visually, listen to its narrative. It's clear-cut, simple, and provides a solid lesson in operator safety. I like the audible message it sends and makes perfect sense to be outfitted with wireless controls. As a means to offer some level of safety to the existing fatality rate, wireless controls can be one ray of light in saving tow operators that work the highways. I'm not trying to sell product ... here's a simple message that offers the gift of life if used in the manner intended. 


As far as tow companies purchasing a new carrier in the soon to be future, I recommend that your new truck comes with the wireless control feature. To deal with, "The Lost Control Syndrome", issue the hand-held control as part of the employee's equipment and make them responsible for the cost to replace when lost. If your the company's owner, ask yourself, is your driver's life not worth the money spent to have a wireless system? I'm not here to sell you.     R.



Randall C. Resch

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