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Re: Armed With a Camera


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Moments ago, I viewed a news video from a Texas station regarding the Houston killing of tow owner, Augustin Martinez. In the segment, a longtime friend told the news that, "Whenever someone would start arguing with people, he'd take their pictures for his own safety. In this case, it was a good picture." The news reported that, ‚ÄúJust before the argument began, Martinez took Torres' picture on his cellphone.‚ÄĚ


Was that a good move on the victim’s part?


In the world of all craziness that we tower’s experience, I’ve written about the reality of wearing body armor, does this shooting reinforce that need and suggest that now there’s a need for body cameras? 


Martinez was shot by a coward with a gun after some argument occurred. I believe that most people don’t like to have their picture taken when that person is upset or homophobic. It’s my opinion that the shooter freaked-out and went over the proverbial when the victim pulled out his camera. It might have been a good picture, but a man needlessly lost his life over a petty argument.    R.

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Randall C. Resch

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I'm going to need to give this some serious thought. Did the Camera Escalate the situation and contribute to the death. Now I am not suggesting that the driver shares responsibility for his death. I would never suggest that since none os us know how we would react to each and every situation. While I am thankful that an image the murderer was captured. Was an exit strategy not a better option. I know that many are not going to agree, but I treat every individual I encounter with caution. Until I have assessed the situation, my guard is up though they may not be aware of it. Mental Health is a greater concern and if you have ever had a customer lose it at the scene or in the truck you will understand. This person which may have been an illegal certainly did not want their picture taken anymore than a person on the run. I do not know how to address this in an article at this point or if that message would even reach those who may find themselves in this situation. But, it is something that needs to be researched as the number of such society encounters increase.

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Good comments Ron ... while I don't profess to be a mental health professional, there's a reality about cameras and certain people that don't like their photos taken.


I'm not suggesting that the camera (in this case) caused the shooter to take Mr. Martinez's life. What I do ponder are what lesson's can be learned (if any) from this scenario?


It happens all the time with people reacting quickly and aggressively saying, "Get that freakin' camera outta' my face", while attacking the camera and the photographer. I'm not saying that this case was the end result of an immediate photo being taken, but I believe it's something to take heed to when approaching or interacting with someone who might be bonifide mental. Some people are extremely sensitive about their privacy in the same manner of me flying a drone over your house without consideration of your privacy or your permission?


When someone gets increasingly agitated, red flags should be everywhere that asks ... "What's gonna' set this guy off?"


While we'll probably never know the entire true story that led up to the shooting, I personally want to know what can be learned in this instance and how would I apply it if it happened to me?     R.

Randall C. Resch

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