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From TowTimes.com - Just Slow Down

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There was a horrific incident in Milwaukee this past Monday involving a tractor–trailer and a flatbed tow truck. It was caught on a police squad’s dash cam. I felt physically sick as I watched the tow operator start to open his door, and then close it as he saw in his mirror, the tractor–trailer coming at him. My heart just about stopped and I prayed everyone would be okay. That easily could have been my husband or one of my employees in that truck.

It was not easy watching the video and then seeing how mangled the flatbed was. Thankfully, the tow operator — while sustaining injuries — will be able to recover. It will take time to recover from his bodily injuries, but I’m not so sure about the affect it could have on him mentally, let alone his family, coworkers and the towing industry.

The crash shows the clear and brutal reality of the dangers tow operators and first responders face each day. The police officer on scene could have been a victim as well. The truck driver, I believe, received a ticket for going too fast for conditions and inattentive driving. He and the passenger in his truck were okay. It totally could have had a different outcome for all involved.

A benefit is being planned for the tow operator. This reminded me of lyrics to the song, “We Are Family,” by the group Sister Sledge: “All of the people around us say, can they be that close? Just let me state for the record, we’re giving love in a family dose.”

My hope in all of this is that the motoring public will be more aware that these are real people working on the roadways who want to just safely do their job and go home at night to their families. Our plea is: Be attentive and just slow down.

Safe travels.


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