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This was a possible headache

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Reliable Towing Said:

good thing it was a 4 door, hope noone got hurt. Was the trailer unloaded before pictures or did that happen with those couple pallets on it?


BigWheelRecovery Eric said:

NICE job guys we always find a way to use the taters . what did we ever do without them. I know we worked a lot harder, and dien't get paid what the job was worth.

NOT KNOCKING ANY TOW CO. just we can make so much more money with the rotator. i always said we don't need a rotator we have a 9055, why do we need a tater.




dudewheresmy50ton said:

well said big wheel anybody who knocks them doesnt own one or have operated one im lucky enough to have stepped into this company at the right time to get my gloves on one. there is a very large learning curve on these "tools"


Kyd9055 said:

not knocking your recovery, it was a nice job. just want to throw some friendly advise your way, it's something we were just discussing the other day here. with the way your hooked to the chains, there is always that slight chance that the trailer can actually roll on you sideways. gust of wind, and not so much the trailer in this pic, but if the weight should shift any your going to have a bad day. chain spreaders would be my recommendation, or something the boss mentioned is keep a short chain with the same size hooks and hook them just below your hook almost like a set of spreaders. its kind of hard to explain on the computer but i'll see if i can find a pic somewhere.
dudewheresmy50ton said:
i know what you are talking about and i have a sling for that im not sure if larry does im sure he will see your post and consider it.
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