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We just became a new sponsor of the TowForce community and couldn't be more excited about it! If you've never heard of us before, we are a cloud-based towing management software made for companies of every single size! We're happy to be here and answer any questions you may have in this forum. 😍




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My biggest gripe about the Towbook app is that it doesn't remember my "Prefer Waze Mapping" setting when I close the app and open it again (for instance, ending my shift, and then having to re-enable it the next day when I sign in again). It seems almost daily I end up starting to navigate to my first call, only to have that dastardly Google Maps pop open instead of Waze. I've relied on Waze for years and years, and AAA's D3 In-Truck Ultra app now requires Waze be used as well. I find it cumbersome to have to force close Google Maps, go into Towbook settings and re-enable Waze support on my first call every day. Any plans to teach the app to remember this setting's preference? It seems to be the only preference it can't get through its thick skull.


Additionally, I occasionally run into calls that won't allow me to complete/close a call because Towbook insists that a Damage Form is required, yet there seems to be no such provision in the client app. I find it annoying to have to call my dispatcher and have them close these calls for me... and my dispatcher doesn't need to be dealing with these additional, almost petty phone calls, either, when his phone is already blowing up constantly. It's an unnecessary, added distraction in an already hectic environment.


Some focus on these two issues would make a drastic improvement toward streamlining usability of the software on the driver's end. And if there's something I can do on my end to improve this which I may not be aware of, please, do tell!

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