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  1. At 9pm tonight lets all turn our emergency lights on for him and poat on this thread. That is what the CTTA is asking.
  2. Is it me or does it look like the rear of your bed is bending down?
  3. I absolutely hate waze trying to have my take my medium duty flatbed up roads that it doesnt fit on. I refuse to use waze and will always use google maps regardless.
  4. PatroticTower


  5. Praying for the towers family and friends. Rest easy brother we have your chains from here.
  6. Praying for his family and everyone that has been affected by his passing. Brother we have your chains from here.
  7. I blame this totally on the driver that hit the rollback. You always should have a 3 or more second gap with the vehicle in front of you and keep eyes on the road. If he would of been paying attention we wouldnt have this discusson right now. Also the driver of the tow truck needs to have safety gear on.
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