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Joined Tow411 in 2009:


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These Canadian Members joined the Towing Information Network and created an Introduction in 2009.



enough " lurking " getting on the board now lol, med. / heavy operator from vernon bc canada .
been towing 17 years , i'm lvl 2/3 wreckmaster , hopefully 4/5 comes in spring 659.gif
married 12 years with 7 yr old son who loves wreckers.
this site has been extremely helpful with " how-to's" and " don't do that's" .



Feenstras: tubegreen.gif

Hi from Wyoming, Ontario, Canada. My names Jamie and I drive for my Dad's company, Feenstra's Towing. Here are a couple of pics I have on my computer:
Metro Towing wrecker before and after paint
Stapley Towing Asked:
Welcome from Campbellford ON, were the heck is Wyoming Ontario? LOL Trucks look great, keep me posted on the Metro and how it works, I like those little wreckers
Feenstras: tubegreen.gif
We're out by Sarnia near the Port Huron, Michigan border. Its only 4 and 3/4 hours away from you.




Hello From The Great White North

In the business for a couple of years...new to Tow411. Checking out the posts and have learned quite a few new things...look forward to more.



Hello from Québec

Hi my name is Michel
I m not in the business but I love trucks and tow trucks.
I discover this site some time ago but never post...not easy in anglish for me...
very nice place to learn from every body.




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